FX-Social Review: You will be Scammed by fx-social.com

FX-Social.com sells a Forex expert advisor which allegedly ‘generates monthly returns of 20%-60%’.

We treat this as a red flag and something you should avoid at all cost. Legitimate trading products can be found here.

Users of FX-social.com trading products don’t need any Forex trading experience as these returns are produced automatically when the robot opens and closes trades.

In addition to this, fx-social.com promises account funding of $250,000.

The sales page claims that traders will earn $10,000 per month with account funding. No details have been provided concerning how traders will earn this amount of money.

FX social is also peddling Forex signals which can be accessed through an ‘exclusive’ discord channel, trading education, trend entry indicator and a trade manager.

This webpage is definitely written by someone who thinks traders and investors are stupid and lack the capacity to make rational decisions.

Is FX Social legit or a scam? Definitely this Forex trading product sales page is a scam, and here’s why:

FX-social.com review: Why it’s a scam

First of all, Forex trading alone cannot generate for you those kind of advertised returns.

Those returns are made from diversified investment portfolios which basically means you have invested your money on various kinds of investment endeavors.

Still, nothing can be promised or guaranteed as Fx-social.com puts it. It seems this sales page is also lying to consumers that the minimum investors will generate is 20% monthly ROI.

We have also observed that this landing page is big on flashy sales language yet they offer little to no explanation regarding how their products are able to generate the supposed crazy returns.

They fail to explain what is needed for us to get the alleged funding of trading account. There’s no information about this.

FX-social does not provide information about their trading education or their Forex EA. We have no idea of the strategy or what kind of trading education the operator is teaching.

The only thing that the website says is that we need a minimum investment of $500 and that we will generate ‘guaranteed profits’.

This is a pure scam.

FX-social.com and how they get into your psychology

The landing page has provided some cleverly done graphics where the salesman is displaying the supposed profitability of his trading activities.

In those images, they show us big returns from Forex trading.

Secondly, FX-social has also posted ‘user reviews’ on their website to give the impression that consumers are also enjoying the supposed profits.

One thing you should understand is that this work can be achieved with a bit of photoshop knowledge.

There’s no way to verify or audit the supposed profits that this website is showing us, and we suspect that the salesman is using these images to persuade you to buy the snake oil.

FX Social and the Instagram account with 2 followers

Not only does the anonymous owner of this website deceive people using fake trustpilot reviews (manipulated reviews), but he also has an Instagram account with 63 followers.

The website is claiming that they are profitable but in the real sense, they are just selling trading products and not making money from actual trading.

And if the Forex strategy and products are working, why do they have a very small number of followers on the company’s Instagram account?

A person wanting to ‘fund you with $250,000’ is actually followed by 63 people only? Think about this.

Questionable myfxbook trading results (fx-social.com)

When we visited the company’s myfxbook page (image and link provided on the website), you will see that overal gain is an abnormal figure while absolute gain is actually in the red zone.

In other words, fx-social.com is showing us a manipulated myfxbook account and if one is not careful, they will not take note of the red flag.

The Conclusion

Fx-social.com is a clever scam and investing $500 or whatever you will be pursuaded to ‘invest’ is actually what you will lose.

We urge you to avoid this kind of scam at all cost. If you want to invest in trading, we can lead you to professional trading products that actually help you achieve the professional status of a serious trader.