Fx Capital Online review: Course and Signals

Fx Capital Online is a Forex trading school that offers coaching and guidance.

With FxCapital Online’s education and trading techniques, they believe traders can go from rookie to professional traders.

The cost of yearly membership is $275. However, students who want to meet for 1 on 1 training will folk out $1000.

Fx Capital Online is basically offering the following services:

  • 2 weekly webinars and signals
  • Access to Telegram Forex group
  • Weekly chart analysis and risk management tutorial

According to the company’s marketing materials, Fx Capital Online is operating from Florida.

It is not clear who owns or trains students who pay this company to learn Forex trading.

Please note: There are better trading and investing resources which can be accessed by directly visiting this link.

Fx Capital Online review

There is nothing special that sets this Forex academy apart from the hundreds of others that are selling training on the internet.

Their motto is to bring Wall street to the Main street”. If this is the case, we want to see their live verifiable trades.

FX Capital Online review

The mentors are currently anonymous and we’re not able to verify their track record.

The only thing they’ve done is to post Telegram screenshots of “success achieved” by charging students to join FxCapital Online.

We currently don’t know what the quality of the course offered since no demo or trial is being offered at the moment.

This is not the kind of trading school we’d recommend.


The sales page is well-prepared and the presentation is very convincing.

Unfortunately, the owner of this trading school cannot verify if they are professional traders themselves.

They cannot show us their track record. So why should we pay for a trading course or strategy that has not been tested?

Before we pay $1000 for a Forex trading course, we want to know if the material taught in this course is really unique and different from what you can freely get on Google.