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Fueled by Forex Trading Review: Scam by Nick Ross!

Fueledbyforextrading.com (Fueled By Forex Trading) is the most interesting sales page as it peddles a bunch of automated trading software that “make money consistently every week” without a loss.

This is not trading at all and the reason we recommend these professional trading software and services as opposed to these self-destructive tools for your “trading solution”.

Fueled by Forex Trading is owned and operated by Nick Ross. This guy claims that he turned $1,000 into $115,000 in 2 weeks.

He further claims that he sat in a jury duty, took a $57 account and turned it into $1480 in a couple of hours on the phone.

This is absolute baloney as the owner of Fueled by Forex Trading is not backing his statements with verifiable trading performance. So why should we even believe his claims?

According to the sales page, Nick Ross is an ex fire fighter who also worked with a “financial firm”.

The name of the financial firm is undisclosed. But one thing that is clear is that Nick Ross of Fueled by Forex Trading is selling what appears to be snake oil.

As we’ve always, buying automated products with no verifiable trading performance is the worst decision you can make.

This is why we only recommend the best of trading products and services whose owners are actual Forex traders, not internet marketers and salesmen like Nick Ross.

What does Fueled by Forex Trading (Fueledbyforextrading.com) sell?

Looking at the products page, I see automated Forex trading software that promise to make a lot of money on a consistent basis.

Nick Ross of Fueled by Forex Trading is selling the following items:

1.Algorithimic Forex Signals…. $49 per month (trading signals via Telegram).

2.Copy Trading ……. Account management service costing $110 monthly

3.Elite Automated Algorithm EA software….. EA that uses Artificial intelligence and costs $199 monthly.

4. Legacy automated algorithm EA software…..EA that “returned 800% in January” 2021. Costs $149 monthly.

5. Yearly elite…. costs $1799 yearly. This is a “stable EA that has never recorded any losses”. According to Fueled by Forex Trading, this EA will bring consistent profits every week.

Why Fueledbyforextrading.com and the products that Nick sells are a scam

The trading strategy for each one of the products and services mentioned above is not clear.

In fact, emphasis is more about how much money you will make than how the software will actually trade to make money.

Nick Ross of Fueled by Forex Trading is even proclaiming that his Forex EAs have never heard a losing day.

This is an absolute lie and something that’s in line with typical sales language of an online charlatan.

The marketing strategy is clever as Fueled by Forex Trading even claimed that its services is trusted by some 6,000 traders.

Nevertheless, the alexa ranking of this website tells me they are in fact not popular.

These numbers are a big fat lie.

With this crafty sales language, Nick Ross of Fueled by Forex Trading can convince the financially desperate to purchase his trading software even without proof that they work.

First of all, the automated Forex trading software which this site is selling is more expensive than what we can find in many competitor sites that have even verified their trading results.

It would therefore be very difficult for this site to convince us why we need to overlook other trading products in favor of theirs.

Verifying performance: Is Nick Ross a Forex trader?

I face a very big obstacle when it comes to writing reviews of these scammers.

They proclaim impressive trading results but can’t provide a means to legitimize their claims.

One thing for sure is that Nick Ross is just using aggressive sales language to sell his Forex EAs.

He does not provide any proof of his alleged trading results.

At the same time, he has some of the most horribly priced Forex EAs with no verifiable trading results.

I can’t buy and I’m sure no serious trader would take this gamble.


I have one advice for you Mr. Nick Ross.

Going from one hustle to the next does not mean you are now a successful Forex Trader.

There are many successful MQL4 programmers whose job is to program. They are not traders. In fact, they are poor traders.

They are just good salesmen.

If you claim to be a professional trader, the most honorable thing would be to provide your trading statement or at least a link to your myfxbook account.

This is the most effective way to sell a trading product.


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