Forex Chasers Review: Is it a Scam?

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Forex Chasers is a trading school that purports to provide professional mentorship program. In addition to this, they claim that students can make consistent profits, working less than 2 hours a day.

These sorts of promises beg the question of whether trading is simple and everyone can make money as long as they pay a subscription fee.

Even the best trading resources that we recommend here won’t tell you that becoming consistently profitable in a short time is easy. That is why we mostly recommend managed trading accounts if you can’t trade yourself.

Forex Chasers is run by Lesiba Mothupi from South Africa who claims to be a profitable Forex trader but is clearly an internet marketer with a tasty silver tongue.

The marketing materials in the Forex Chasers website claim that the team have been trading for years and that Lesiba Mothupi has consistently made profits from trading in the last 2 years.

The website is providing trading mentorship from the domain

According to the trading school, students will benefit from the mentorship because Mr. Lesiba Mothupi and his team have created “evolving strategies that see the market from 5-D perspective”.

All that students have to do is to watch the video tutorials as well as engage in the weekly live sessions to start trading profitably.

The concern here is whether there’s proof of profitable trading and that everyone who signs up is definitely going to make money.

List of services that Forex Chasers is selling

They provide a bunch of trading services which are collectively labeled “Forex Chasers 3.0“.

This is supposedly going to give the impression that Forex Chasers is always improving on the quality of the course, hence the number 3.0.

A list of the things contained in the course has been published on the website. It contains a lot of “features” which are supposed to help students become consistently profitable in Forex trading.

The trading school is therefore selling the following:

1.A bunch of video training materials with 24 hour access

2.Accees to 2 private Groups

3.Currency and indices trading tutorials

4.A guide book, past webinars, mentorship and Forex tools

5.Forex signals

In addition to the above, the Forex Chasers team is also peddling clothes and fashion items at

It’s unlikely that you will find a successful Forex trader selling clothes and apparel as a side hustle.

Professional traders tend to focus on their trading as their primary means of generating income.

Do you see why Mr. Lesiba Mothupi and his team are mere sales people and not real traders?

Their job is to convince consumers to purchase their mentorship program that costs $679 annually or $97 monthly.

The student is supposed to start making profits from Forex trading as soon as they join the mentorship program.

This is BS.

Where is your trading performance, Mr. Lesiba Mothupi?

Internet salesmen in the Forex trading community are generally sneaky. Beware of these con artists who will end up ripping you off with their computer-generated trading performance.

Mr. Lesiba Mothupi’s job is to make you believe that you can become consistently profitable if you only purchase his course.

His website’s promotion material is perfectly crafted and is sweet sounding like a ballad of honest angels.

Additionally, this South African young man has also created a Facebook and Telegram pages to complement his clever marketing strategy.

The Facebook page is where he makes a mishmash of real and fabricated review. On the other hand, his Telegram channel’s purpose is to call out trades and only post profits because losses cannot be disclosed.

In short, Mr. Lesiba of South Africa cannot produce a verifiable trading performance so that students can validate his experience before making a purchase.


When you believe in the Forex Chasers marketing materials, you become a sucker. Sure, you might make a profit here and there but this won’t last long.

If these guys were trading, ask yourself why they focus on selling and not trading? They beg victims using colorful language.

This get-rich quick language is why some people have concluded that Forex is a scam. It is not. Only the people who sell these courses without verifiable trading performance are mostly scammers.

Thanks for reading the Forex Chasers review.

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