Forex AstroBot Review: Scam Forex EA?

Forex AstroBot is currently the latest automated trading system by Rita Lasker in collaboration with Green Forex Group.

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Forex AstroBot features a trailing stop mechanism, slippage, smart money management and remote assistance.

It works with all currency pairs on the M15, M30 and H1 timeframes.

The MT4 Forex robot can trade any account balance but the developer recommends starting with $200.

Rita Lasker has claimed that she made $16,124.90 in just one month of trading with this robot.

She has also posted her “trading statement” showing how she traded AUD/JPYEUR/JPYCAD/JPY and NZD/JPY pairs for 1 month and how she was able to generate those returns.

We feel that this trading statement is deceptive considering that Rita’s past trading systems have never lived up to expectations.

Secondly, a lot of vendors use editing software to manufacture their own trading statements.

Forex AstroBot ea review

We always prefer a statement sharing service like myfxbook instead of screenshots showing samples of trading results.

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Is Forex AstroBot legit?

We do not thing that Forex Astro Bot EA is a viable trading solution in the long run.

The developer, Green Forex Group, who are based in the USA have been releasing one product after the other but no follow ups in terms of future updates.

One of their trading systems is called Forex Avia robot which we reviewed here but were not pleased by its performance.

The main issue with Forex AstroBot EA is that the developer isn’t telling us anything about the strategy.

There’s nothing on this sales page that can help us make an informed decision on whether to buy or not to buy.

Considering that the cost of this software is $99 or $228 depending on which of the two licenses you’ve bought, it would be better to invest your money on systems that have verified trading performance.


We’re not confident over this trading system at all.

Even the vendor of this product has not demonstrated that Forex AstroBot EA has the capacity to generate stable returns over time.

Their reputation in the Forex market place is also very poor as they are known for releasing many trading systems but not updating them in the future.

You should therefore avoid this Forex robot at all cost.

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