Firmarkets Review: Scam Broker Confirmed!

Firmarkets is purporting to provide trading solutions for Forex, binary options and Bitcoin investments.

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In their binary options segment, promises 90% earnings from these contracts plus “guaranteed withdrawals in 1 hour”.

Their Bitcoin investment financial service is allegedly generating 800% weekly ROI, 90% win rate strategies through automated trading and so on.

This is not trading in the financial markets for heaven sake.

Even the best trading tools and investment resources recommended on this page have never been considered as a way to get rich quickly.

Firmarkets is also proclaiming to have registered 26,000 users. Their website is purporting to have operated since 2014. However, says they are only 8 months old.

Firmarkets review

Probably the other statistics on this broker’s website are also misleading.

Their physical address is listed as 4928 Ford Street San Jose, CA.

Is Firmarkets legit?

No, this broker is not legitimate. Looking at their promises, you can tell that they actually have a sinister motive.

Even their non existent $1000 bonus is allegedly withdraw-able.

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There’s no information who owns or runs Firmarkets platform.

This lack of transparency is a dead giveaway because it tells us this broker is probably a scam.

Lack of a broker’s license is the final kiss of death.

The broker is not regulated yet promising to provide investors with the badly needed financial freedom.

All of these things are considered the hallmark of a scam, and Firmarkets is a perfect example of how naive traders lose money.


Do not send this broker your money because retrieving those funds will be next to impossible.

Of course a shady website like this one cannot be trusted…. but just in case they sweet-talk you, you should be aware that Firmarkets is not a legit broker.

Legit brokers can be found on this list.

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