Ez Fx Group Review: is ezfxgroup.com Scam or Legit?

Ezfxgroup.com is the website of a Forex education provider operating out of the UK.

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Since EZ FX is still very new in the market, including it in our list of recommended trading products and services will be the biggest blander.

Unless the company proves that they got what it takes to claim a spot in that page, we generally feel that we should just review it based on the claims they make and maybe see whether their service will be viable.

The first thing we notice is that EZFXGroup is very economical with information.

We can’t find everything we’d like to know about their service right away.

Even pricing information is not available on the sales page.

This is unusual but we hope it’s a strategy to make them appear as if they don’t want to pressure anyone into buying their product.

Ez Fx Group appears to be concerned with ensuring that the community is aware of the services they offer.

These include daily trade setups, step by step video tutorials and a Telegram community where the vendor discuses market updates as well as “live trades”.

Ez Fx Group feels that the service will help students acquire gainful market experience since they’re the UK’s leading Forex education providers.

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They want to help us acquire high-yield portfolio with optimized risk-reward ratios.

Ownership of the Ez Fx Group company is unknown, so we can’t validate their trading experience just yet.

With all the uncertainty that surrounds this service, we know the community is wondering whether Ezfxgroup.com is legit or not.

Ez Fx Group Review

Even if they want to help us take the first step in the world of Forex trading, we feel that they should strive to be as detailed as possible.

The community is not going to make a purchase decision just by perusing a website with a few scattered texts and a black background.

The vendor tells us that we can start trading confidently with the help of their “experts”.

But who are these experts?

The professional courses which EZFX Group peddles were not described in details.

The vendor does not provide a course outline or anything like that.

After going through the entire website, we find that everything is leading us to their contact page.

Ezfxgroup.com (EZ FX Group) – should you subscribe?

We would be talking about their trading strategy in this section of our review.

However, there’s nothing to discuss because this company didn’t provide any insights into how they trade or teach their students.

Even if we wanted to recommend the services of EZ FX Group, we would find ourselves in a serious dilemma.

Secondly, we’re always looking at trading performance of vendors who promise to give students quality education.

With EZ FX Group, there’s nothing like track record or past performance.

As always, we don’t feel comfortable recommending trading educators with a zero track record.

We feel most comfortable working with vendors who have a solid track record.

So the short answer to the above question is No, you shouldn’t subscribe!

You can’t purchase a product or service that you have not seen.

The owners of EZFX group are oblivious of the fact that providing an overview of course content and backing it up with a myfxbook track record is the new industry standard.


Ez Fx Group appears to be a joke of a trading school.

The vendor lacks transparency and does not provide any reason as to why we should trust them.

We hope they’ll improve their presentation if they really want to compete with real trading educators in the market.

Thanks for reading.

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