EliteTradersClub review: (Signal Service)

Welcome to the EliteTradersClub review. Elite Traders Club is offering trading signals through their EliteApp and on Telegram.

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Their signals cover Forex and stock market.

Traders who want to sign up are presented with a website at signup.elitetradersclub.com where they can fill a form and pay $19 per month.

The service insists that they’re only sharing valuable information with traders.

As usual, a signal provider will boast of their success rate, their experience and subscriber numbers.

However, EliteTradersClub sales page has got a trustpilot badge only.

No explanation of trading methodology, and no information that can help traders make up their mind.

EliteTradersClub review

Also, TrustPilot is the mecca of fake reviews. The platform cannot be trusted.

Is EliteTradersClub Legit?

This signal service does not come across as legit.

The signal provider has a page which keeps information to the minimum.

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With a few words here and there, they can only tell us their price and how to subscribe.

For that reason, we feel that Elite Traders Club is not any different from any other signal provider that offers a mediocre level of service.

Should you subscribe for Elite Traders Club signals?

Even though $19 per month is a small amount, we don’t see the point of signing up for a signal provider who does not prove how viable their signals are.

It is going to be a waste of time trading on a demo with these signals.

Trading on a live account will also not be a good idea at this time unless we know the performance numbers and what to expect.


Thanks for reading EliteTradersClub review. The service does not provide enough information about their signals.

It’s therefore a no. Traders should just stick to these highly recommended services.

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