Day Finance Ltd Review: Scam Signal Service?

Day Finance Ltd is a service that offers trading signals in addition to education.

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Day Finance Ltd monthly subscription starts at $40, but if traders want to pay on a quarterly or bi-annual basis, they will part with $70 or $100 respectively.

These signal packages from Day Finance Ltd promise to deliver 5 to 7 signals daily.

They project that each signal will gain between 1000 to 2000 pips monthly.

Forex signals will be sent by email or through Telegram.

Webinars and education materials are also available in addition to 24/7 support.

However, if traders want dedicated Forex training course, they can pay the company $100 to gain access to 5-hour video training.

Course content include price action and Forex trading strategies for all kinds of markets.

The service claims that students only need up to 60 minutes a day to study.

Payment of signals or trading education can be done using PayPal, Credit Card, Neteller or Skrill.

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day finance ltd review

Day Finance Ltd is introducing someone called “Daniel” who is purportedly an investment professional and owner of the service.

Mr. Daniel wants to give us an opportunity to copy his trades so we can succeed in the Forex market.

On the other hand, their FAQs has a statement where they say “We’re a team of traders with many years of experience.”

Transparency is very important in this market place. Without it, we can’t trust signal vendors.

And definitely introductions using one name are never helpful. We don’t know about Daniel and we’ve never heard of him before.

If this was a proper introduction, we could have verified his trading background to ascertain whether he is truly a successful investment professional.

Is Day Finance Ltd Legit?

The website was registered in January 2017 according to

But their promotion material claim they have been around for 5+ years.

The signal vendor is clearly trying to fake an experience they do not have.

They also claim that the service currently has 1,500 registered members.

We’re not to verify these numbers just yet. However, we see that their Telegram channel has 46.3k members.

The Telegram channel is under the name Forex Matrix.

While these numbers might be real, we don’t want to ignore the possibility that the vendor just used a Telegram marketing service to buy fake subscribers.

To know whether or not the service is legit, we will look at the achievements of this signal vendor in terms of trading performance.

Does Day Finance Ltd have past performance which has been audited by a third-party?

We can see that they’re instead posting “trading results” on their website.

We do not prefer vendors who post results this way because such results are always open to fabrication.

It also makes no sense posting results on the website from time to time when a statement sharing service like can do the job.

In short, we’re not able to verify the authenticity of the results shown to us on the DayFinanceltd website.

This is why we didn’t include this service into our list of recommended trading services.

Should you subscribe for Day Finance Ltd signals?

We wouldn’t recommend these signals because the vendor seems to be focusing on promotional statements instead of keeping it simple and straight to the point (provided they’ve backed up their service with a myfxbook account).

We prefer trading services that are serious about proving to their audience that they have what it takes to trade profitably.


The vendor has clearly stated the number of pips they intend to achieve on a monthly basis.

We expected them to tell us their drawdown and signal accuracy.

This information is very important. Since Day Finance Ltd has not disclosed these key details, we see it as a waste of time and money subscribing for their signals.

3 Responses to “Day Finance Ltd Review: Scam Signal Service?”

  1. Fabrizio says:

    SCAMMERS!: to convince you to subscribe they send you an earnings report omitting two thirds of the losses. This means that with this subscribtion they steal your money. I already opened a dispute on paypal. They are to be reported to the stock exchange authority.

    1. Frotan says:

      Yes, they are full scammer

  2. Frotan says:

    Never use it, day finance is full scam.
    They have the following problem.
    1-they send the signals near 1th, instead of profit it makes los because most of their signals never tp1.
    2- Thy post the result of their VIP chainal in public group so as to cheat people don’t mention those signals that hit SL.
    3- Thy send one signal from an instrument that hit TP1 or 2 but, mention it two or three at their public chainal.
    4-Thy show fake PIPs in public chainal.
    Day finance, is the worst signal provider, NEVER USE IT.

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