CriptoRobot Review: a Scam?

CriptoRobot is a supposed investment tool for Cryptocurrencies that earns traders 1 Bitcoin everyday.

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The website of CriptoRobot is found on the domain This website was registered in December 2019 but many people have not heard about it until now.

According to the site’s marketing materials, the development cost of CriptoRobot has been very high which is why it will be free only for the first 30 days.

The anonymous owner describes CriptoRobot as an “prestigious and exclusive service”.

They tell us that the app is designed to trade popular Cryptocurrencies only using the latest blockchain technology.

These Cryptocurrencies are listed as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Ripple, Dash and Litecoin respectively.

Cripto robot app review

CriptoRobot owner also claims that their tool uses neural networks to scan and analyze Crypto prices in major exchanges to make investment decision with high accuracy.

Is CriptoRobot legit?

The truth is that is not a legit website and their Cripto Robot app is definitely a scam.

There are so many Crypto robots that are operating like this particular one on the internet, and all of them promise big returns.

All of them are using the same marketing style to scam unsuspecting users.

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Cripto Robot website claims that their app has a 92% win rate. This figure is impossible to achieve and sustain in the long run.

Secondly, if it was this profitable, everyone gaining access to these robots (which are everywhere on the internet nowadays) would be rich.

They claim that 95% of users are satisfied. If this is so, there would be a discussion about this robot everywhere on the internet.

And of course they’re intending to make traders sign up with a scrupulous Crypto broker so the scammer can split profits with the broker.

The amount of money that they always scam investors is $250.

However, there are some naive people who will lose more money in the process.

Can you recover money lost through

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Cripto Robot app is a scam and you must never be persuaded to send money to the fraudsters.

Thanks for reading this review. Now you know where to invest and what to avoid.

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