Review: Long Overdue Scam?

Let’s be honest in this review. Who are you copying your trades from, and does this person have a track record of their successful trades?

That’s the question you should ask yourself whenever you visit and sign up for their Crypto copy trading service. In addition to this, we need to know how the company is vetting the so-called “expert Crypto traders” whose trading signals are used on the platform. In the meantime, serious traders should consider using these highly recommended trading products and services as our team have investigated and found them to be very profitable.

Currently, Copyme’s marketing material is boasting of fast order execution, 24/7 customer support and the ability for their clients to safeguard their funds in their own Crypto exchange accounts. In addition to this,’s trade copier is compatible with major exchanges like Binance and Bitmex. Other exchanges are currently not supported.

That said, this review will discuss the pros and cons of signing up for this trade copier and whether or not you should use the service ultimately. review

Crypto copy trading is popular among investors who want to try their hands on Crypto investing. Binance is a major exchange that provides API functionality to allow compatibility between the exchange and third party platforms. is basically providing a list of expert Crypto traders for their clients to choose from. Their clients pay a subscription fee (an undisclosed fee) to follow the trades of these Crypto experts.

They set a particular risk percentage before they can activate the copy trading function. This action will allegedly copy trades into their Binance account in real time as long as there is sufficient funds. recommends starting with $300 to $500 in investment capital. Whereas this company is offering a popular type of trading service on the internet, the questions that we asked initially will need more clarity. review: how can we be sure that the Crypto experts will help us make money?

This is a question that we currently don’t have an answer to. I’m looking at the list of Crypto trading experts on this site and seeing stats that are difficult to independently verify.

We can’t just take their word for it because in these streets, greedy marketers can say anything on their website just to earn a subscription fee.

That said, the company needs to provide clear explanation of how these Crypto traders are vetted and ranked on their platform. If they can provide us with audit results, this can help us establish whether or not trusting these traders with our portfolio is a good idea.

The company providing this Crypto copy trading service is not popular

The number of users who visit this website is very low. Actually Copy Me is receiving less than 250 visitors per day. This could give us an estimate of how many users may have signed up for the service. That number is very low and there’s no telling whether those users are actively subscribing for the service.

Also, we have not seen any customer feedback yet regarding the quality of trades that their clients are copying from the experts. There’s no assurance that clients are subscribing and making money.

The Conclusion

We will not recommend this Crypto copy trading service at this time until we have sufficient evidence that users are making money from the platform. may look like a professional website but the purpose of subscribing for the service is to make money. We don’t have evidence that this copy trading service is employing the skills of experts to help investors make money. We also don’t want to risk recommending it only for some of our audience to report heavy losses in the comment section.