Review: Scam or Legit Crypto Copy Trading?

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This review will let you know whether the copy trading platform is trustworthy or not.

Company operations are based in Russia or at least it appears so.

The owner of Coinmatics is Dyanis Zabauski. Dyanis Zabauski is not known in the Cryptocurrency trading circles. He does not even have a Linkedin profile, which makes it difficult for us to conduct a background search on him.

He has teamed up with Alexey Shulzhenko and several other members who are equally anonymous.

Alexey Shulzhenko is the only member of the team with a Linkedin profile. But his profile suggests he is a marketer and not a Crypto trader.

It appears that Coinmatics brought him onboard for the sake of his marketing skills.

The big question is; how certain are we that Coinmatics will provide traders with the right product that fits traders needs?

It’s apparent that the platform was built by software developers and marketers but no professional traders’ input into this project.

We encourage you to get a decent copy trading platform from this list of highly recommended trading services.

Coinmatics review: Copy Trading is the product

The company wants to provide copy trading on autopilot.

They claim that profitable strategies will be automatically executed in your exchange account, thanks to their “advanced copy trading platform”.

The company promises to provide “passive income on steroid”, diversity, risk management and total security.

Trades are allegedly executed in less than 0.1 sec, which is extremely fast but this is often easier to say than get it done in reality.

Basically, Coinmatics is a copy trading service that seeks to connect traders with investors.

Their website has listed a couple of strategy providers with their trading profile but I also noticed that they are only listing profitable traders.

I was not able to independently verify the profitability of these traders though.

The copy trading plans are as follows:

$240 yearly or use either of the 2 free plans.

With the free plans, traders and investors get analytical tools, portfolio tracker, futures copy trading (not sure what this is) and many more.

Of interest is the premium ref plan which requires users to create a Binance account using a reference code that will be provided by Coinmatics.

In this setup, users don’t pay anything but they compensate using commission which will be deducted from their trading accounts.

Coinmatics review: The general consensus

While this Crypto copy trading platform looks professional and is in fact popular in terms of traffic that flows to their website, we find it strange that they don’t have a lot of feedback.

This Twitter page was created to promote the service and the feedback here is more of advertising that feedback from those who have seen profits copy trading with Coinmatics.

Secondly, their trading strategy performances are unverifiable. Listing these figures without a third party audit is pointless as we can’t ascertain the truth.

The company currently has a TrustPilot page for purposes of promotion.

However, we’ve always confirmed that TrustPilot is an unreliable source of information for those seeking to make an informed decision about the product they want to buy.

The Conclusion

I still feel that is not the ultimate copy trading platform for Cryptocurrency. There’s something that doesn’t feel right about them.

In as much as their platform appears professional, we doubt the strategies which they’ve listed on their website as this cannot be verified, plus majority of their team members are either anonymous or engaging in marketing as a profession.

We will not recommend this company for your copy trading needs. If you want reliable copy trading services which we’ve vetted, you can check out this list of trading products.

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