Capital Way Review: 50% Annual Return Scam ( (Capital Way) is the new automated Forex trading scam that leverages on a software that loses money and converts the loss to the vendor’s advantage.

This cannot be a reliable investment opportunity and we therefore request that traders seek real trading software that work, not investment fraud that use money-losing software.

Capital Way runs a 1 month trial where investors are required to deposit $300 and are promised a “money-back guarantee”.

If traders are ‘happy’, they can decide to invest $3,000 for “high returns” every month.

The website also proclaims that they’ve achieved consistent returns since 2015.

Looking at the history of the website says something different.

I discovered that this domain has been up for sale since 2004 (the time it was registered) and in 2015 it was still being offered to the next buyer.

Looks like the scammers just bought it and decided to use it to create the illusion that they’ve been around for quite a duration.

This way, they can avoid raising eyebrows and will definitely convince a lot of people using their falsified trading experience.

Capital Way is definitely showing us fake trading results, spanning 5 years ago (between 2015 to 2020).

We can’t authenticate the figures they claim to have generated. Also, do remember that this vendor was not established in 2015. Their alleged trading experience is pure puffery.

Luckily, we found their myfxbook and observed that the trading account is hosted by another broker with a similar name called Capital Way Group.

This Forex broker is allegedly from Bulgaria and is not regulated as well.

Can we still trust Capital Way?

First of all these people who claim to offer automated trading to their clients are 100% anonymous, yet they want you to commit $300 for testing their algorithm.

Their website has said that the company is operating from 566 Chiswick Park, High Road, London W4 5YA, United Kingdom.

The question is whether anyone can trust anything else that this website publishes for visitors to read.

So far, I’ve established that everything about is a lie.

For instance, they claim to serve 15,000 clients worldwide but if you look at the traffic of the website, it suggests the website may have just signed up a couple of victims.

The rest of the website is generic in nature as it does not offer any useful information to ponder about.

For instance, they claim their automated trading software executes transactions with precision and clarity, thanks to the use of statistical data and market analysis.

I find that this website is not providing enough information concerning the nature of their strategy.

No information about risk management either.

It appears that Capital Way is only targeting newcomers to the world of trading and not real professional traders.

Either way, they failed to convince me with their silly tricks.

CapitalWay loses money (evidence)

These dudes have decided to leave their myfxbook account open for the world to see.

Unlike other dubious investment managers who delete or hide their myfxbook after a huge failure, this one is bold enough to show the world that their trading account gained -99%.

And the drawdown on this account is 100%.

In short, Capital Way wiped this account clean using their silly trading algorithm.

This very poopy algorithm is what they want to sell you.


We can now see the reason they want to keep hiding their faces. They are anonymous because the supposed trading algorithm makes no money.

If it wiped their own account, it will also wipe the account of the investor. There’s no doubt about it.

The bottom line is that CapitalWay is a scam run by a 100% anonymous charlatan.

His scamming is simple. If he cannot get you to invest the $3,000, he will take your $300 instead.