Blue FX Review: Is Scam or Legit?

Blue FX ( is a trading educator that wants to provide members an easy yet profitable trading strategy for both beginners and experienced traders.

BlueFX’s website is mostly touting their discord server where they provide trading alerts, strategy announcements, a chat room, news updates and trading plan ideas.

The discord server is available for both free and paid members.

Our review will look into their products and services to determine whether they can qualify to be included in our list of the best trading products.

Blue FX Review

In addition to this, is offering an expert advisor, an indicator and signal alerts through their TradingView profile.

The price of BlueFX Expert advisor is £249 but Blue FX will give it for free if you signup with their affiliated Forex broker.

Traders can also pay a one time subscription fee of £499 to continue using the Blue FX expert advisor for a lifetime.

On the other hand, their discord service costs £24.99 per month.

Who are the people behind Blue FX (

The website does not provide information about who owns or runs the service.

However, their TradingView profile shows that they’re from United Kingdom.

The profile under the name wearebluefx was created 2 years ago, and it shows that the vendor is mostly providing strategies and alerts for a combination of financial instruments such as Forex, Stocks and Indices.

Publishing trading analysis on TradingView is just not enough.

We need to know their name, their trading experience and whether they trade a live brokerage account.

Wearebluefx Trading Strategy

These strategies can be followed on the vendor’s TradingView profile.

They claim that traders don’t need any experience in technical analysis.

They also claim the strategies are thoroughly backtested.

The question is what kind of strategy is this?

We understand that the developer is providing trading strategies through scripts.

They disclose that this strategy is made up of 4 other strategies that line up to form a confluence.

The script will then produce buy or sell signals indicating in the bars with green or red colors.

The problem is that does not tell us how the strategy works and what their indicators use to arrive at these signals.

We would like Blue FX to provide an elaborate explanation or at least insights into how they trade.

Otherwise, many consumers won’t have any reasons to pay for a service that does not have the transparency that is expected of a professional trading service.

Trading performance of Blue FX

We’ve not seen any posting of their trading performance.

While the service comes across as professional, we do expect them to live up to our expectations.

The vendor does not have any trading results to back up their strategy.

In other words, they failed to give us a reason why they believe their service should be used by traders out there.

Customer reviews

This service currently has reviews from TrustPilot and the feedback is really “positive”.

We do not believe everything we see on TrustPilot due to the business model which they implement to make money for the company.

This business model favors doggy vendors as “claiming a profile” and posting fraudulently generated reviews is much easier.

At the moment, Blue FX ( is only attracting “positive” review with 5 star rating.

This is definitely too good to be true for a service that does not even provide a myfxbook trading performance.


Blue FX ( would have been an extremely tempting service if they offered as a chance to view their trading performance.

But currently the service is only talking about their Discord channel and how they’ll provide access to strategies and signal alerts.

We need much more in order to gauge the quality of their strategies.

We hope the vendor will consider adding these things promptly so that we can update our review accordingly.

So at the moment, we’re not recommending them.