Bixo FinTech Review: Crypto Scam (

Bixo FinTech is a Forex and Crypto trading scam operated by James Bernard.

We don’t include sites like these in our list of the most recommended trading and investing resources page..

James Bernard is also the owner of several other trading and investment scam sites: These include: (a ponzi scheme pretending to be a Forex and Crypto investing platform) (a coming-soon website where James Bernard is peddling Crypto mining to investors) (a purported intelligent banking platform) (a lending website where people can allegedly get loans at cheapest interest rates) (a website that fronts “Bixo Coin”, which is a worthless Crypto token that will leave investors crying for their losses. (a platform that presents ICO investing opportunity but in the real sense, it is a scam.

The above websites are just among the many websites operated by the owner of Bixo FinTech.

Bixo FinTech ( background details

Bixo FinTech is running from this web address ( The website was registered in July 2019 but the owner is alleging to have launched it in 2018.

Backtracking time is the favorite lie of scammers who are running new websites on the internet. They always want to create the perception of experience and reputation which they do not actually have.

The company is operating out of the United Kingdom and is claiming to provide multiple ‘financial services’.

Bixo FinTech’s marketing materials proclaim that the company raised 5 billion dollars in venture capital from over 500,000 members.

Their marketing materials also claim that 99% of people would recommend Bixo FinTech.

Of course these stats are not accurate or at least they can’t be verified.

According to alexa ranking of this site, Bixo FinTech does not receive more than 500 visitors per month.

With these low traffic numbers, the company can’t be popular. Traffic numbers reflect the popularity of a website and one thing we are sure is that Bixo FinTech is not one of those popular trading and investing destinations.

Bixo FinTech does not have a regulator’s license

According to the incorporation certificates on their website, Bixo FinTech is registered in UK, Hong Kong and in the State of Arkansas.

We’ve always reiterated that UK company registration does not mean much. Currently, there are hundreds of scammers whose companies are registered in the UK and not regulated by the FCA.

In Hong Kong, the financial regulator is not even aware that this company is conducting its operations in the country.

Similarly, this website does not have a regulator’s license in the US.

The SEC and the CFTC considers this illegal as Bixo FinTech is clearly offering securities without properly being registered and licensed to engage in any financial or investing activities.

These findings are consistent with the trend of scam investment websites. So how can James Bernard convince us that he is not intending to defraud investors?


Our best advice is that this company and its affiliates should be avoided at all cost.

What they are claiming to provide is not legitimate financial services. In fact, the company’s website is full of lies which only serve as red flags.

You should therefore avoid shady investment services like as they will cost you money in the end.