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Bittradefxoption Review: Fake Crypto Exchange!

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Welcome to the Bittradefxoption review. is hosted anonymously and claims to be the leading exchange in the United States offering binary options and Crypto trading.

According to the website, Bittradefxoption is based in Florida and is regulated by the CFTC.

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We are not able to verify these claims because what we see is that this is a regular HYIP fraud from the UK or Russia mostly.

BitTradeFxOption is providing multiple “investment plans” with minimum deposit set at $500.

Every plan is allegedly going to allow depositors withdraw the principle balance upon maturity.

They also claim to provide professional charts. The question is what is the use of these charts if investors are not going to trade on this platform?

Furthermore, Bit Trade FX Option has not provided evidence of trading binary options or Cryptocurrencies.

It therefore seems that all ROIs are generated from new member deposits just like MLS Bitcoin Club is doing.

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Is Bittradefxoption legit?

This platform cannot be legit. It is just a ponzi scheme with an integrated thieving exchange in the middle.

When you send your funds to them, the exchange simply keeps it or they may trick you by returning a small ROI to encourage more deposits.

The so-called exchange is being run by a faceless scammer and their true location is also not disclosed to anyone.

It is the greatest lie that these fraudsters tell on the internet. Apparently they leave victims high and dry with shuddered expectations.

There is no disclosure of how revenue is generated, only claims of trading binary options and Cryptocurrencies.

They don’t say which returns they expect to make. Instead, they provide general figures such as 100%, 120% or 200%. We do not know after how long are these ROIs supposed to be generated.

The entire website is a fraud.


This is a fake Bitcoin investment and trading platform. The CFTC would never approve such a bad joke.

You should avoid these fraudsters at all cost. Otherwise, sending them money encourages them to launch many more sites that cause financial pain.

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