Review: Scam Crypto Trading

Bitpotency claims they can grow your capital through professional trading of Cryptocurrencies.

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In addition to this, the site poses as a Crypto cloud mining platform which operates from Seychelles.

Daily returns start at 10% and up to 30%. These ROIs are supposed to be earned “forever”.

Is Bitpotency legit?

Their way of operation makes Bitpotency resemble a HYIP and a ponzi scheme…. to some extent, a scam.

It means anybody who “invests” with this website is going to lose his deposit.

While it might sound as mere speculation, the truth is written on the wall.

Legitimate Cryptocurrency trading products and services do not have these red flags.

They are established and their owners are well-known.

It’s different from what we’re seeing with a platform like Bitpotency.

Furthermore, this site does not have a license from any financial authority.

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It means they are illegally hustling money from the public by way of cheating them that this money will be invested in the Crypto market.


Bitpotency will never be a genuine investment opportunity but definitely a scam.

Sites like these are very common on the internet and their aim is to steal Bitcoin or whatever Cryptocurrencies you have.

Once they have stolen enough, either the web host will shut them down or the owner will close the site and start another one.

Avoid at all cost.

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