Bithouse Mining Option Review

Welcome to Bithouse Mining Option review. Bithouse Mining Option is a snappy little website that neither trades Forex nor mine Bitcoin. Instead, they’re what we call High Yield Investment scam.

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Bithouse Mining Option is however proclaiming that traders can earn Bitcoin instantly if they invest in any of their 4 packages. Minimum deposit is just $150 and investment period is 7 days.

Bithouse Mining Option review

They’ll tell you that they’ve employed a team of highly skilled financial experts who have demonstrated excellent performance over time. They even claim that BithouseMiningOption is offering stable profitable investing through mining of Bitcoin. The question you should ask them is whether this team of “financial specialists” can be introduced together with their professional backgrounds.

Bithouse Mining Option review

The first red flag here is that BithouseMiningOption is operated anonymous. They’ve not introduced their founder or CEO in their promotional material yet they want investors to trust them. Secondly, they claim to trade Forex for profits but this operation does not look like a legit Forex trading operation.

When you see one, you’ll know that they truly trade Forex. But for Bithouse Mining Option, this is not the case.

Bithouse Mining Option review: more evidence that they intend to scam you

When they tell you that they’re trading and mining Bitcoin, you should ask them where their data centers are situated. We’re tired of scammers stealing funds from naive investors by promising to mine Bitcoin on their behalf. So the big question should be whether the alleged Bitcoin mining operation has data centers that mine Crypto.

Now, let’s look at their alleged returns after 7 days. According to BithouseMiningOption, a deposit of $150 will return $1,500 after 7 days. Isn’t this realistic? Absolutely not.

If you invest $500, Bithouse Mining Option claims that it will return 10 fold of what you invested.

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This means that for $500, you will get $5,000. Basically, these scammers are proclaiming to multiply deposits by 10 regardless of the plan you choose.

This is definitely too good to be true. We believe that if Bithouse Mining Option had this capability, it would be the greatest secret on the planet.

Their success would be attracting the greatest hedge funds around the world.

But as you can see, even the quality of their website design does not reflect the money which they claim to earn.

Bithouse Mining Option also claims that their team of “financial specialists” have years of experience. This is quite laughable because first of all, we believe this is a one-man army as opposed to a team of traders and miners.

The scammer purchased a Bitcoin mining template and decided to collect revenue from gullible members of the public by reusing the same old story that Bitcoin scammers use.

Bithouse Mining Option review and conclusion

We wonder what the owner of this site thinks about investors in general. They probably believe that all investors are financially naive. Just like and many other shady Bitcoin mining website. BithouseMiningOption will steal from you because they don’t have the real capacity to mine any coins. The same case applies to their Forex trading narrative. This cannot be confirmed because the site doesn’t post any trading results. They should be posting their results on a myfxbook account. We actually believe that this is a trick to answer investors who would like to know how additional revenue is being generated through this site. We don’t know about you but for us, BithouseMining Option is an obvious Bitcoin fraud as opposed to a legit investment operation. If you want to make money trading Bitcoin, use a trading bot like Cryptoblizz or Bitsgap.

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