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Welcome to our review. is a site that promises the fastest and most legit way to make more Bitcoin.

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They claim to use sophisticated technology that automates the work and makes the process go as smooth as possible. also claims that they run their own data centers (location not disclosed) which are built for high speed while up time is guaranteed up to 99.9%.

According to this site, the use of  ASICs mining hardware is the industry standards for solving BTC blocks in a quick and efficient way. review

They go on to list a number of features which their site offers. Some of the features listed therein are as follows:

  • Daily payouts
  • Security and stability
  • User friendly interface which is easy to navigate through
  • Low fees
  • 24/7 support discloses their location as A201 London EC4V 6AF, UK. Lots of sites claiming to mine Bitcoin  and are located in the UK don’t actually mine any Bitcoin.

What they do is to collect money from members of the public while masquerading as Bitcoin cloud mining facility.

This money is often shared among users who joined earlier before others did.

This setup is often referred to as a ponzi scheme.

To know more about this site and how it operates, spare a few minutes to read this review. review offers 4 Bitcoin mining plans with the ability to double deposit amount in one month.

While people still mine Bitcoin, returns are not any significant. So while this site promises to double returns, the truth is that promotion material is full of lies and misrepresentation.

Actually the site operates like this scam, If you cannot trust, you’ll probably not trust Ultra Miner.

Questions you should ask yourself before you “mine” Bitcoin with this site

(a)Who owns and are they trustworthy?

Trustworthiness is a matter of telling us where their company is registered and who the CEO is. Is this operation licensed since they claim to provide ROI at the end of investment period?

(b)Does Bitcoin mining hardware exist?

The truth is that does not seem to operate any data centers where they can truly mine Bitcoin from.

Their promotion material is just taking the masses for a ride by proclaiming to mine BTC on behalf of investors.

If data centers exist, we believe would be having a good reputation of generating Bitcoin for its members.

(c)Who are the customers of

While they proclaim that Ultra miner has 25,000 happy customers, this does not seem to be the truth.

While the site has good Alexa ranking, most of the traffic is from Nigeria and not coming from search engines.

With these metrics, we believe that the owner is heavily promoting the site to residents in this country.

Most likely the owner is based in Nigeria. But to say that they have 25k customers is an overstatement.

Nobody is using this site. If real customers existed, we’re sure that would be receiving praises all over the internet.

Their alleged happy customers are just a hoax. No evidence that a customer even exists.

On the other hand, those who have been scammed exist in numbers. You can’t miss a complaint about what this site did with their money.


Once Bitcoin is sent to their wallet, there’s no reversing the funds. It’s very clear that is selling half lies and half truths and because of this, we don’t want to risk a coin on this site.

If you’re like us, you will want to avoid this site at all cost. Thanks for reading our review.

We hope you’ll learn to ask the above questions before you ever get persuaded.

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  1. Sure they are! I have been lost my honest hardware mined 1,2BTC with with them and those who claim they can recover your funds are just the same Guarilla Scammers(lost another ca 400 EUR for empty “recovery” service during 6 months mobey was there in blockchain and now those are gone! – trust nobody everyone want to waste your time not talking about money! – Rule of tumb – trust only your own gut and your own pockets!

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