Review is a site that claims to generate 139% returns for Bitcoin investors in 2020.

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The site claims that with their “Bitcoin doubling investment strategy”, they can do it fast and easily. also makes the following statements:

  • Weekly payouts
  • $20 minimum deposit with low fees
  • Insurance-backed investment with money-back guarantees
  • Trading with smart AI automation tools
  • High returns

Looking at the above promises, we are convinced that something is terribly wrong with this website.

We always know that people who are genuinely interested in Crypto investing are always using proper services to invest their money.

With this service, we are left with more questions than answers. Is this a scam?

Is legit?

The problem with this site is that it is not genuine with its “investment plans”. review bitcoin investment scam

It does not tell us who owns the platform, how they trade Bitcoin and are able to generate such high returns on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, this financial service needs a license. They claim to be based in Tallinn, Estonia and if that is the case, they should provide evidence of their regulation standing with the financial watchdog of that jurisdiction.

The other red flag that we see with this site is that it is only accepting payments in Bitcoins.

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With so much uncertainty revolving around the reputation of this site, it’s almost clear that anyone who sends their coins to the anonymous owner of will lose them.

Furthermore, it’s quite weird that this website is promising investors a refund and insurance-backed investing.

This is not practical in the real world. It is certainly not investing.

In fact, they should be having a disclaimer statement on the footer of the website making it very clear that investing in BTC carries some risk and one can even lose his entire capital.

Conclusion is basically a fraudsite waiting to steal your coins and move on to the next victim.

The site cannot be trusted to handle your money or invest it as promised on the sales page.

You must avoid these scamsites at all cost.

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