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Bitcoin Scammer List (updated)

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Today we’re doing a list of Bitcoin scammer websites on the internet.

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Note: If the list is long and would like to quickly search for a suspicious website, hold down Ctrl and press F, then type the name of the website in the search box.

If you’d like to see legitimate sites that either provide investing tools or trade for their investors, just visit this page.

There are hundreds if not thousands of Bitcoin thieving sites that prey on gullible investors with the aim of stealing their money.

They pretend to trade or mine Bitcoins when all they do is to recycle investor funds, ultimately doing a runner or blocking a victim from further engaging with them.

The list of the so-called investing websites are as follows:

Was created in August 2020 and is supposed to expire in August 2021.

This is the hallmark of all internet scams. The operators always want the shortest duration of hosting since it’s not a long-term thing. is luring investors to deposit at least $500 while promising 35% return.

Just one look of the website will tell you that this is a HYIP.

The thief is targeting investors who are having a hard time believing that Creative-wealth is not a scam.

Site was launched in September 2020 and as always, the owner wants to exist as soon as hosting expires.

The grammar on this site site is terrible, and the user stats are unverifiable.

The use of stock photos is a huge turn off. Avoid!

You can trade “securely” with this platform. You can also buy Bitcoin.

My question is who are the trades running

What is their experience level and why is the site only registered for a duration of one year if this is a long-term thing?

The thief is also running an “active bonus system” yet he cannot provide a face-to-face encounter with “investors”.

This is just a crook hiding behind a website registered as

Not all websites with the word “FX” are legitimate.

And how do you expect a website that is only here until November 2021 to provide you with a reliable investment platform?

The alleged 50% ROI is not verifiable. Furthermore, a minimum deposit of $500 is just too high for a HYIP.

And the only payment system supported by is Bitcoin.

So the word ‘FX” is irrelevant since FX actually means Forex Exchange as related to Forex trading.

This is yet another scam that wants to reap where the thief did not sow.

I’m not sure if Bitcoin mining is still profitable.

However, when we started this website, there used to be a lot of them (scam websites) which pretended to mine Bitcoin.’s tagline is “invest to grow your money”.

This site is clearly a HYIP because they’re even using a very generic template from Themeforest.

Once you get access to the dashboard and place the minimum deposit, you won’t hear from these guys again.

This one gives the aura of class and sophistication. However, this does not negate the fact that VetualMining is a HYIP.

$30 is the minimum deposit and they pretend to make fast payouts.

Imagine a ROI of 20% in 24 hour? Who would share with you this money for $30 investment only?

There’s no Forex advisory and there’s no trading. This is not the future of investment (as they put it) but rather an avenue to hook in deluded “Investors”.

Well, the thieving can’t get any extreme than this.

Can you imagine someone stealing your $390 and going to the extremes of claiming to generate $3,000? is even announcing Binary Investment plans and claiming withdrawal can happen in just 2 hours of placing a deposit.

I don’t think this is rational.

And they’re also showing us a registration certificate of CAPPER CLUB LTD.

But Companies House website lists Capper Club Ltd as dissolved.

Now, who is dumb?

This is a good example of a cheat running an online fraud in the name of trading Forex.

This fake trading platform was but as you can see, the scammer let the domain expire.

It’s up for sale. But is still inviting “investors” to deposit at least $500 and get 15% monthly return.

It is so obvious that someone will run away with your money.

The scam website states that they are officially registered in Canada and authorized to trade on your behalf?

I don’t know if the Canadian Financial Regulators are aware of since the website does not have any license.

The shameless scammers are hustling victims of $10,000 and “guaranteeing a 200% ROI in 1 hour.

What better news is there in the world than to encounter this “goldmine”?

No, this is not real investing. It is real thieving.

They sound quite convincing when they say A Modern Investment Firm For Cryptocurrencies and Digital Assets.

In as much as they have a professional website in place, we would like a proper introduction of the so-called Crypto traders, analysists and investors.

The scammers always have stories.

For example, they claim in their promotion materials that their team has diverse experience in Computer Science, Military, risk management, data analytics etc.

The minimum investment that a scam like is asking for is $500.

They cheat investors by telling them that ROIs are update every 1 hour.

From my research, I can see that the website does not have any traffic. So it is clearly a lie that they have 4000 members.

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