Always Liquid Trades Review: A Scam by Michael Cerisano

Always Liquid Trades ( is a get-rich-quick stock recommendation scam site owned and operated by Michael Cerisano.

Mr. Cerisano wants you to send him $49 every month in order to become “wealthy” like him.

But this stock picking service is a money loser, and a scam. As a rookie trader, you should be utilizing trading products and services with a reputation.

This dude even wants you to quit your job and start living a millionaire’s lifestyle because his trades are “insanely profitable”.

This is a bad idea obviously.

Currently, he runs two websites that provide phony stock trading education. These include:

In addition to the above, the owner of Always Liquid Trades is offering access to a Discord Group where students get access to stock trading alerts and weekly video recordings.

Cerisano is a self-proclaimed “investing expert” from New York with more than 4 years of experience in stock trading. He has allegedly found a secret trading system called “The Alt Method”.

Even with no prior trading experience, copy pasting Mr. Michael Cerisano’s trades will always yield thousands of dollars in day trading profits.

In fact, the salesman continues to paint a picture of how profitable his trades and copy pasting them can look like.

He claims that in a typical day, his top students earn between $500 to $1000 day trading stocks.

Kevin Just Joined and Grew His Account 16% By Profiting $1463.65 In His First Day:

Maxwell Profited $10,435 On a Tesla Trade We Sent Him One Morning and He’s Up $24,000 Overall On His Very New Account

Eastshire Profited $3530 On a Apple Call and Then Just 7 Days Later He Profited $4124.68 One Morning On a Trade Our Whole Group Took:

To get the above insane profits, Cerisano would like you to join his Discord signals group.

Today, we’re exposing Always Liquid Trades by Michael Cerisano, and of course wishing that there was a Hall of Fame for stock investment education scams because this dude would have been found among the top 10 scammers of the year.

Always Liquid Trades review

The main job of this website is to teach new students how to be extremely rich overnight.

This is actually a horrendous trading education website because the profit claims plus the trading statements which litter the entire website are unverifiable.

What Mr. Michael Cerisano is providing us with is a phony performance record of his trading.

On the other hand, he is creating a veneer of wealth by photoshopping himself alongside Lamborghinis which he allegedly owns.

The Alt Method trading system is supposedly going to show students the though process that goes into creating these “insanely profitable” trades.

We just have to watch over his shoulders as he executes the trades.

It sounds so easy but the question is whether this guy can prove that he is profitable without actually using an overly salesy website with screenshots of fabricated profits.

Phony Trading Performance and no live trading at all

Always Liquid Trades is selling the idea of copy pasting of profitable trades because this is how investment scams make money from new traders.

All the alleged trading results posted on the Always Liquid Trades website are indeed phony because anyone can tell that they are fabricated by just looking at them.

To become a successful stock trader, you need to learn from someone who is actually trading a live account.

Your investment educator must prove their trading over a long period of time so we can see their average returns and drawdown figures.

Finally, if they have a live account, they should not create any fuss when asked to produce their up to date trading statement.

These ideals ensure that beginners are not scammed. Sadly, Michael Cerisano does not verify his trades and we don’t even have proof of any trades he ever took from a live account.

Mr. Michael Cerisano is clearly a silver-tongued salesman who can leak the wax out of your ears if you’re not careful.


Clearly Always Liquid Trades is a scam. Even their Facebook page has terrible ratings from angry victims. The obvious reason is that Michael Cerisano has never been a profitable trader.

He is a horrible trader. All the things he says about his life and journey into trading are definitely pure lies or marketing nonsense.

Unlike other charlatans, he is only charging $49 which means lots of victims may fall for his snake oil since it’s affordable.

But ask yourself: do you want to waste your precious time following a money losing trader who uses a demo to cheat his followers?

Mr. Michael Cerisano! Get your acts together. I am waiting to confront you further in the email. I just wrote this review to warn beginners because your product is dangerous.