AlphaFXPrime Review: Fraudulent scam site

AlphaFXPrime is a fraudulent broker pretending to be licensed by the Malta Financial Services Authority aka MFSA. The platform is using the details of a legitimate company known as Alpha FX Europe Limited. The reason AlphaFXPrime (the clone broker) is doing these things is because they want to deceive the unwitting investor, ultimately stealing their deposit.

Good news is that you can recover your funds if you happen to be a victim of this scam. Simly VISIT THIS PAGE for instructions or use the live chat down below to initiate the chargeback process.

AlphaFXPrime review

When we look at this clone site, we see deception everywhere. They are actually engaging in a phishing scam with the intention of misleading the public. This is the same game that is being played by Allica Bank.

And when they deceive you like this, you can trust them. When you trust them, you can wire your funds to them and that is when they will scam you.

The scam is also giving us a Cyprus address. They are probably based out of Europe. It is difficult to tell, keeping in mind that the website is only telling lies.

We don’t know who are the people behind the entity because the company in question does not oversee the activities of AlphaFXPrime.

AlphaFXPrime is unregulated and risky to use for your trading

We do not encourage using the services of a scam site like AlphaFXPrime. If they can clone a legitimate and licensed brokerage website, you can be sure that a license is the last thing they can qualify for.

An unregulated broker is definitely a risky broker who will frustrate you over your money. They have a bag of tricks to play on you…. from manipulating your trades to refusing to process your withdrawals and so much more.

We do not recommend trading with a broker who does not take responsibility of your funds disappearance. This is a thieving broker.

The Conclusion

This was a brief review. Now that you are aware, we hope you will not fall victim of this fraudulent clone Forex broker.

They want € 250 or is USD equivalent from you and they know how to persuade victims to deposit more money. On the other hand, we know their tricks which is why we are warning you in advance.

Thanks for reading our review.