Allica Bank Review: Scam Banking Platform (How to Recover your Money)

Allica Bank is a clone of an FCA-approved company whose domain can be found at The scam that we are reviewing now has the website domain As you can see, the fake Allica Bank has copy-pasted everything from the genuine official website whose brand they are copying.

Chances are that many people have lost money through the fake website that is pretending to be the legitimate website of the online bank. If you are among the victims, you can recover your funds by visiting this page and following the instructions.

Allica Bank Review: The phishing scam

This scam is operated out of the United Kingdom just like the original website which is FCA registered. They are selling ‘expert banking services for business’.

The scam site deals with savings accounts, commercial mortgages and asset finance. They also claim that they are transparent and they value their collaboration with customers.

These statements are found on the legitimate Allica Bank website. Obviously the fake site is not going to provide you with these details.

The aim is to steal your banking information and ultimately your money. In the Cyber security space, what they are doing is called Phishing.

Phishing is an attempt to steal your money by convincing you to produce your personal information like name, telephone number, credit card details and so on.

The crooks want to achieve this by cloning the website of the legitimate Allica Bank platform. It is hard to tell the difference until you look at the domain and realize that it is not the same as that of the legit bank.

This is a dangerous scam because they will harvest your information and even if they don’t manage to steal your money, they will breach your privacy by selling that information to third parties.

Allica Bank with the domain is not regulated

These guys have been blacklisted by the FCA because they are not licensed to provide any financial services.

As a matter of fact, the FCA is accusing them of committing multiple offences which include manipulative practices, misrepresentation of their business to the public and other Miscellaneouses.

This is a serious crime in the UK, and there are many fraudulent websites that are clonning legitimate companies around the world.

The problem is that all of them cannot be prosecuted at once.

The conclusion

Do not be fooled by this website. Remember their domain name is The original bank’s domain is

The purpose of this clone is to steal money from consumers and we can imagine the number of people who have been victims of this fraud. Beware.