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Aidedtrade Review: Aided Trade a Scam? is offering stock trading alerts, a collaborative learning environment, 24/7 access to “professional analysts” and a mobile app where all of this can be consumed.

Monthly subscription plan cost $60 while the annual plan goes for $500.

They’ve also provided unverified “trading performance” dating back to January 2018 and December the same year.

It is not possible to produce results before December 2019 because that’s when AidedTrade website first appeared on the internet.

The vendor is basically not being honest with their trade history.

Nonetheless, they insist that Aided Trade is providing the best education material and account growth in the world.

The website is owned and operated by Trade with Soul LLC. This company is operating from the US.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to contact them via the website or any other channel.

To learn more, traders are forced to sign up hoping that they’ll find a way to reach the website admins.

Is AidedTrade legit?

I see some red flags here and there.

aidedtrade review

We start with trading performance which is obviously the main red flag here.

The figures have not been independently verified. Furthermore, those “results” are for 2018.

The company has not show us results for 2019 and part of 2020. I would like to see audited results covering 2019 and 2020 to believe that the service is viable.

In terms of the quality of service, AidedTrade seems to be providing mentorship kind of experience to stock traders.

Entries and exits are provided in real time. Lessons and explanations are also covered in the website’s live chatroom.

Traders wanting to consume this material can get it either in voice or text, plus there are weekly and monthly prizes to be won.

Should you subscribe for the AidedTrade service?

The answer is no.

In as much as this service sounds helpful to new traders wanting a proper introduction into the stock market, I feel that the quality is wanting.

Lack of trading performance is one thing and secondly, the website is operated anonymously.

They didn’t even provide a way to contact them.

If they can omit these critical features that are a must-have for any vendor providing mentorship and trading services, then most likely their service will be mediocre.


Thanks for reading this AidedTrade review. The service is just not leaving up to expectations.

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