Review: A Scam Bitcoin Exchange!

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CLICK HERE TO GET YOUR MONEY BACK is purporting to be a reliable Bitcoin exchange for buying and selling BTC with 0.20% in trading fees. is also telling traders that deposits in Crypto and Australian dollars will not be charged any fees.

In addition to this, the “exchange” is touting advanced security systems, superb online help, state of art custody service where Crypto is stored offline, ease of use and plenty of liquidity. was registered in 2014 and has since created a mobile app. This does not mean they’re reliable or safe to trade with.

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Is legit?

This Australian website is not a legit exchange. This means that they will finally hold your coins while you expect to cash out from your “profits”.

They do not talk about their regulatory status and neither do they say a word about their company and operators.

No information about their CEO either. All these are considered serious red flags.

If you ignore them, you will end up being scammed. We advice traders against using BTC exchanges that are not known and have not garnered any ratings from real users.


When you come across a platform like ACX, you should not be tempted to trade no matter how good their offer sounds like.

Apart from being an unlicensed exchange with no reputation, their site suggests that anybody who deposits money with them will definitely end up with a loss.

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