$50K Wealth Multiplier Review: Scam?

The $50K Wealth Multiplier experience is a program by Hilary Hendershott.

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Hilary Hendershott claims that her program teaches people how to grow their wealth by $50,000 in the next 24 hours.

The program is a 7-month group experience where people are taught how to generate wealth quickly.

Hilary Hendershott is a self-proclaimed wealth management expert.

She is peddling a get-rich-quick program where students are supposed to learn how to become wealthy overnight.

The landing page of $50K Wealth Multiplier website even contains a number of “real-life examples” of how people who participated in this program become rich.

Is $50K Wealth Multiplier Legit?

No, this is not a legit program.

The landing page has all the red flags that are found in a charlatan’s website.

$50K Wealth Multiplier review

The woman who runs this website claim that she has what it takes to change your life financially.

However, what she is doing is to peddle a wealth building coaching experience for a fee.

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To create false sense of demand, she proclaims on her website that $50K Wealth Multiplier is a rare opportunity.

She also claims that opportunities are closed for the year but applicants can still join the “waiting list”.

The “waiting list” requires your name and email. From here, victims will start receiving marketing emails that convinces them that $50K Wealth Multiplier is the real deal.

The truth is that this is a scam.


The only person that benefits from this program (which is a scam by the way) is Hilary Hendershott.

This is because she is earning per sign ups. On the other hand, the financially-desperate are hoping that the content will help them achieve the ever increasingly elusive financial freedom.

This will never happen though. If you want to make money, you have to do something because money is not generated from nothing.

You can trade the financial markets using these highly recommended products.

But you definitely can’t make any money by just attending the 50K Wealth Multiplier experience.

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