Xtreempoint Review: Scam Professional Forex Trading Signal?

Xtreempoint professional is a Forex signal software which can be downloaded and used on Windows, iOS and Android devices.

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The vendor claims that Xtreempoint analyzes over 23 currency pairs in a second and generates trading signals immediately.

They claim that their software even has a win rate of 88%. This is the really high and we wonder whether this vendor has proof of the alleged win rate.

They want the trading community to know that Xtreempoint professional is also very easy to use as traders won’t need to install complementary tools such as MT4 or additional indicators.

The official website is very professional and aesthetically pleasing. The presentation is clean and the message is crystal clear.

There’s no way we could’ve missed writing this Xtreempoint review.

So before you spend $18 in your first month’s subscription, we urge you to read this Xtreempoint review and make up your mind once you know the conclusion.

Xtreempoint review

It’s not known which company is in charge of Xtreempoint.com signal generation software.

Although the presentation is professional and pricing is affordable (anyone can afford the monthly license), the people running this website are completely anonymous.

They didn’t disclose their location either but they still want us to believe that their tool can generate Forex, Oil and Gas signals that win trades 88% of the time.

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This is the exact style of marketing that dubious Forex vendors like Forex92 use because they somehow fear their audience.

You’ve got to be very careful of the above service which provides managed Forex accounts that lose money. Forex92 is also running two other websites, (legalbinaryrobots.com and signals365.com).

Take note of those two sites as they are infamous for promoting scams.

Back to the Xtreempoint review where we were discussing ownership and how traders have been denied a chance to learn about the company and the people who operate the business.

The tool in question can be downloaded into your desktop and used to scan the financial markets for possible trades.

The developer is providing free 7 day access but this version does not have mobile app access. In addition to this, they’re compensating by showing you ads as you sample their Xtreempoint app for those 7 days.

In addition to this, the website also claims that they’re offering volume discount for companies and organizations.

Xtreempoint professional review: features

It comes with live charts for streaming Forex pairs.

The instant signal feature also tells users when to enter and exit trades for maximum profits.

This feature can be beneficial because we believe entries and exits are an important aspect of trading. Failure to identify these zones can ruin your trading even if you’re using the best trading indicators in the world.

In addition to this, Xtreempoint scans candlestick patterns for possible trade setups. The sales page tells us that we can use this feature to scan daily and weekly time frames as well as lower time frames too.

It could also show you how strong the trend is on multiple time frames. The stronger the trend, the higher the probability that a buy or sell signal will yield profits.

Also, another important feature is the money management calculator which lets traders calculate and know what risk to take on a trade.

So far, these are the features that come with the Xtreempoint trading indicator.

While we agree that these features can be a time saver, there are concerns that we’ll need to raise in this review and these concerns will form your opinion on whether or not to try the Xtreempoint trading indicator.


There are two licenses. The Small Trader license costs $18 per month. You get the desktop version plus mobile app.

The Professional trader version costs $28 per month. It lets traders 23 Forex pairs including oil, gas and metals. The first license will let traders use EURUSD pair only.

XTREEMPOINT Forex Trading Signals Software plans

This is quite restrictive but good for traders who are on a budget.

Xtreempoint review: what is the trading strategy?

What the vendor has not covered is the trading strategy behind this indicator.

The big question is how exactly does this indicator know when to produce buy or sell signals?

Is it using a bunch of other indicators in its algorithm to figure out what to do in the market?

That’s where the vendor is missing the point and we would like to see them add this information on their website.


Since there’s no customer feedback, we’ve decided to skip the ”reviews” part of this Xtreempoint review.

We need to know how the vendor came to the conclusion that their trading indicator produces signals with 88% win rate.

This sounds like a promotional statement and not something inspired by facts or testing. So if they have the data, they can feel free to demonstrate it rather than throw around figures like that.

The free 7 day trial certainly helps. But most importantly, we believe that honest and transparent marketing is even more helpful.

We want to see the vendor take care of the above before we can edit this Xtreempoint appropriately.

If you have something to say, please leave your reviews below. Thank you

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