Whitley Trading Review: whitleytrading.com Scam Broker!

Whitley Trading is a Commodities and Futures broker that also provides trading in Forex and Crypto pairs.

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In their list of services, the broker claims to provide the following:

1.Tax strategies and retirement planning

2.Proprietary research

3.Access to IPOs

4.Ā Investing in commercial and institutional trading blocks

The company’s name is Whitley Trading Group and they also claim to be headquartered at 11-19 Customs Street West, Commercial Bay Tower, Level 18, Auckland Region.

Just like Metalswise broker that is unregulated, Whitley Trading does not provide a valid broker’s license and is not transparent with their customers.

Is Whitley Trading Legit?

No, this broker cannot be legitimate.

Whitley Trading broker review

We understand that there’s a warning on the website of Financial authority of New Zealand stating that this broker is a scam.

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You should never ignore such warnings because authorities often have a good reason to warn traders and investors.

Secondly, the level of secrecy on this website is shocking.

They ignore the most important things such as information on deposit, leverage, spreads and so on.

Can you recover money lost through Whitley Trading?

Yes you can recover your hard earned money if you ever lose it through this broker.

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It seems that this broker is preying on the financially naive by talking about the profitability of trading futures and options.

The next step is to invite victims to sign up where they’ll demand phone numbers so they can start cold-calling them.

This is a classic example of a scam. We can hardly include such a broker in our list of recommended brokers to trade with.

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