Trading Options Live Review: The Leonardo Scam -

Trading Options Live Review: The Leonardo Scam

Welcome to the Trading Options Live review.

What exactly is and what does Leonardo do?

He sells various flavors of get-rich-quick trading seminars. The owner of Trading Options Live is even offering a “free” live trading seminar on how to tur 3K to 59K in just 3 days using 3 trades.

Furthermore, Leonardo of Trading Options Live also claims he is giving away the secret he used to turn 12K into 466K in just 7 hours.

You see, every snake oil salesman knows he must peddle various get-rich-quick flavors of snake oil to sooth the financial cravings of a thirsty audience.

And for sure, Leonardo of Trading Options Live has found a big crowd of desperate and financially illiterate folks.

Leonardo is only too happy to peddle what this crowd “badly needs”.

leonardo of trading options live

In fact, Trading Options Live is a Walmart of options trading investment snake oil just like Base Camp Trading or Live Traders.

There’s a seminar for everything. There’s a seminar for trading stocks, options, foreign exchange, Bitcoin, Commodities etc.

Trading Options Live offers the following list of get-rich-quick investment courses:

  • 13 Market Moves Daily Analysis…………$2,584/month
  • 13 MM Formula………………… $4,000  (N/A prices will be “raised” and bonus “removed” by end of today)
  • Charts Divergence & Patterns Recognition Course………….$1,597
  • High Rollers Trading Club (exclusive to 10 members)…….. $9997 monthly
  • 233 Trading Secrets…………………$597
  • Trade Like A Rockstar…………………..$4,000
  • The Winning Watch List………………….$300
  • Mega Course Bundle (233 Trading Secrets + 13 Market Moves Formula + Charts Divergence + Trade Like A Rockstar………………..$7,752

Leonardo of Trading Options Live also runs live trader TV?

What is Live Trader TV? It’s a bunch of video series where Leonardo shows his students how to trade on a simulator.

Of course Leonardo also thinks his financially illiterate students love €rotic stuff. So these videos are a special mix of half-clad girls with a bit of trading on a simulator.

Trading Options Live review

The most popular and expensive snake oil flavor is the High Rollers Trading Club. Only 10 people are welcomed but 8 spots have already been filled.

To lick the snake oil, Leonardo of Trading Options Live wants students to “qualify” in 3 steps.

The first step involves thorough screening to “ensure success of each exclusive member”.

The truth is that students are going to fill and submit a very intrusive questionnaire.

The questions are about whether or not students can afford to folk out $9997 per month. Leonardo is of course an A-class salesman.

So once he gauges the students’ ability to pay, he will paint a very good picture of how it’s like to be an exclusive member of High Rollers Trading club.

And of course Leonardo doesn’t mention anything to do with losses in trading.

All your money problems will be gone for a second. Just boot up your computer, load the charts and start minting millions of dollars in your underwear.

Leonardo’s magical trading secrets which he showed you can turn 12K into 466K in just 7 hours. This must be the best kept secret in the world.

13 Market Moves Formula and daily analysis review

Of course joining the High Rollers trading club requires students to complete prerequisite courses.

You must complete all the courses listed above.

13 Market Moves Formula review

Now, just do the math and figure out what you must spend on all of the get-rich-quick trading videos offered by this trading school.

It’s probably in the zone of $20,000+.

13 Market Moves Daily analysis is a dream come true trading formula. Leonardo teaches how to systematically apply 13 market moves to earn X amount of money in Y hours.

You want top 3 market observations that nobody ever talks about? No problem, Leonardo of Trading Options Live has them.

Do you need a detailed explanation of the strategy, time frame, entry and exit so you can make Leonardo’s 12K into 466K in just 7 hours?

No problem, 13 MM formula and daily analysis sessions are ideal for learning this secret.

He even teaches big money flow, institutional behavior, how to calculate the next big move and so much more.

Wow, Leonardo must be a financial genius.

If you have any money left in your credit card, you can continue purchasing more of this Trading Options Live nonsense.

After all, who wouldn’t be happy learning the secrets of “investing” in the options market from a “senior investment strategist” like Leonardo?

I don’t know about you guys but if for sure I had a secret code for trading the stock and options market where I have no problem turning 12K into 466K in just 7 hours, I wouldn’t be selling it for a few thousand dollars.

I would probably price it at billions of dollars and probably sell it to the financial institutions because clearly the average Tom, Dick and Harry wouldn’t afford it.

The screenshot below is a perfect demonstration of how unrealistic Trading Options Live can be.

Trading Options Live review 13 Market Moves Formula

Trading Options Live review: who is Leonardo?

He is a self-promoter who has mastered the art of painting himself with the colors of an investment expert.

The website is full of investment advice. The number of live seminars peddled there is the size of the great pyramids of Egypt.

Trading Options Live has many independent landing pages where Leonardo spends hours polishing and announcing his grandeur and omnipotence.

He runs a twitter page which hardly gets updated with new content.

Trading Options Live is also in charge of a couple of YouTube channels, one of them being the 13 Market Moves channel (11.5K subscribers).

The main sales page of contains a bunch of promotional mumbo jumbo videos. Leonardo spends countless hours declaring how he made 100% winning trades in a few hours.

In fact, he declares winners after winners but mentions zero losses.

All of this is done on a trading simulator. Most of these videos also contain nothing but just talking and declarations.

What Leonardo does not have is a track record of successful trading over the years.

On the other hand, he is a master in marketing on the internet. The financially illiterate tend to believe him because he is an A class marketer.

He will never produce his broker statement showing the live trades he took and the 100% winning trades he made.

This is typical of a fake trading guru or a charlatan.


I’m sure has a battalion of fans out there. I’m sure they’ve spent thousands of dollars on this snake oil nonsense.

They’re the kind of people who will leave comments expressing their anger over this Trading Options Live review.

However, the bottom line must be the bottom line.

Leonardo, the purported god of options trading does not have a financial record which validates his profit allegations.

He is the kind of “trading guru” that will refuse any request suggesting that financial records are needed to prove the trading prowess.

The owner of TradingOptionsLive is a huckster. You cannot be too stupid to believe his claims.

Thanks for reading the Trading Options Live review.


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