Traders Agency Review: The Joshua Martinez Scam -

Traders Agency Review: The Joshua Martinez Scam

Today, we are analyzing Traders Agency which is a website that sells trading education through

In addition to this, the website is selling its services using

Both sites are owned and operated by Joshua Martinez.

What exactly does this dude offer?

He offers the following items:

  • How to plan trades using technical analysis and pattern recognition knowledge
  • Equity management
  • Proven strategies
  • 3 mysterious magic trading symbols ($27)
  • Self-directed auto strategy for generating consistent results ($2997)
  • TradingView quick start resources, futures trading lessons and NinjaTrader Tutorials (free of charge)

If you have questions, you can contact Joshua through 888-483-5161 or use the embedded contact form on the official website.

Also, Joshua claims his financial education course is made by real traders and has helped thousands of students.

Is Traders Agency legit?

Joshua Martinez of is a charlatan. This is the sad truth.

Traders Agency review

He in a creative internet marketer who claims to have mastered market analysis.

Another thing is that Joshua Martinez of Traders Agency is proclaiming to be a veteran with 10 years of experience in the financial markets.

He supposedly traded a $500 account and turned it to $39,000 in 2 years.

He also proclaims to have captured over 50k pips in 3 years of trading.

This is absolute baloney since no verifiable trading performance can be produced to prove the same.

The about us page also claims Joshua has trained thousands of traders. I was expecting reviews from at least hundreds of those students.

Unfortunately there is no feedback from these students except “testimonials” from his own website.

You see, there are no internet marketers in the world who post negative reviews and comments on their website.

So we cannot count on these testimonials.

In addition to this, Mr. Joshua Martinez is promoting Futures war room ($250 or $19 monthly), Futures War room premium ($897), Smart Money Alerts ($1497), The Futures Edge ($3997), Tunnel Trader Auto ($1997) and Tunnel Trading course ($1997).

This Walmart of trading products cost a lot of money.

So to convince the financially desperate, the snake oil marketer peddles his financial education while hiding behind hypothetical performance.

Normally when you see a trading education website with products for everything, it usually suggests that the trading educator is not actually trading a live account.

This is the case with Traders Agency. The owner is a snake oil peddler with no verifiable trading performance record.

The only reason he wants to sell you a pricey trading education course is because this is how he makes his money.


This financial puffery is just sickening. The products are listed in a way that suggests the person is interested in selling and not trading.

If you ask them about their redacted broker statement even for the last one month, you will receive an email with all kinds of excuses.

There is also a chance that your email won’t be replied. But of course these super cons know how to market to the financially desperate.

If you want to know what I mean, just send them an innocent email pretending to be naive investor and looking to buy Joshua’s trading courses.


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