TopCredit Review: Crypto Scam

TopCredit ( and masquarades as the ‘world’s leading digital asset service platform’. The website is also presenting its platform as a place for trading hundreds of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, BNB, EOS. Unfortunately, TopCredit is just a clever Crypto scam. It has stolen funds from hundreds of investors across the world, and victim can now claim their money back by following his guide.

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Who is TopCredit?

TopCredit is a website that operates under the domain It is apparently based in Hong Kong and parts of the website is written in Chinese.

The company behind Top Credit is incorporated as Topcredit Digital Currency Bank, lnc but is also using Topcredit Technology Co., Ltd.. However, authorities also say that this shady platform is occassionally using the name of another company (Realink Financial Trade Limited) to deceive investors.

The scam site was created in 2020 by some anonymous guys who wish to keep their identities secret.

TopCredit is not licensed

We’ve always warned traders and investors not to use unregulated financial services because they are mostly a scam. The website is one of those scams that deal in Cryptocurrencies only.

The Hong Kong Securities Commission has also warned the public against dealing with this website. They site lack of a license which poses a great risk to professional traders and investors.

Because this platform isn’t licensed, you can be sure that majority of those who will commit their funds here will actually lose their money.

The site operators have no obligation to protect your money whatsoever. They are responsible for nothing. This gives them the freedom to steal your money without fearing any consequences.

How they trick investors

The platform appears to be using a fancy website design and elements. There’s even a video on the website that potrays the company’s operations. This sales video is very convincing.

They also use words such as ‘easy’, ‘best’ and so on. These words resonate with investors who want financial freedom.

Another thing is that TopCredit is also using fake statistics to persuade traders and investors. For example, they claim that trading volume on their platform in the last 24 hours is over 1 billion.

These numbers are unverifiable. All the other statistics on this shady Crypto website cannot be authenticated either.

The platform operators want you to sign up but during registeration, they will ask for your phone number. Remember that Top Credit is a also a boiler room scam. So they will always call to persuade you about the offers they have and why you should deposit money with them.

They will also entice you to purchase Crypto from them. Unfortunately, any amount of money that is wired into the bank accounts of these scammers will go down the drain.

The Conclusion

There’s nothing legitimate about this Hong Kong Crypto scam. Avoid them at all cost because if you really want to buy Crypto, there are established exchanges around that can help you buy Crypto legitimately.

Long story short…. a bunch of scammers are running Top Credit and lying to Chinese clients and also the entire world.