The Currency University Review: Blame Forex a Scam?

Welcome to the Currency University review.

I’m taking a quick look at the Currency University Forex trading school (Blame Forex) where introduction to trading costs $99 and a lifetime Forex market course goes for $997. is owned and operated by Jason Pellegrini of BlameFX.

BlameFX sells trade alerts with no verifiable trading performance. offers Forex Training, chatroom access and membership where “Jay” sells yet another secret trading strategy called “money zone” trading strategy.

the currency university review

You can apply this “day trading strategy” over and over to make sacks of money….

You can ask questions in the chatroom during market hours and of course education content is available 24/7.

According to his marketing material, Jason Pellegrini of Blame Forex University is a “brilliant technical trader” with 7 years of experience working directly with currency and commodity trading professionals.

Owner of the Currency University does not disclose where he operates this “trading school” from or which professionals or entities he worked for.

Nonetheless, he proclaims to be a professional trader who will also share real-time market commentary with his students.

As if that is not enough, Jason claims the currency university is 100% no-bullshit learning environment.

His marketing materials say “this is not your average Telegram chat”.

Of course Jason has “testimonials” to back his claims of how he is “helping students”.

In fact, the Currency University is one of the cheapest trading schools around since access to the chat room costs $9 per month.

But if students want the entire package, they must either pay $99 or $997.

Is the Currency University a scam and is Jason going to sell you a get-rich quick scheme or the real deal?

The Currency University review

The official website uses very few words to explain what Jason does.

This minimalist approach does not give me very fine details of the Forex trading school.

Even spending $1 on this website would be a tall order if I don’t have insights on what I’m buying.

There are dozens of Forex chatroom and membership websites out there and most sell themselves aggressively while advertising crazy returns from trading.

Take for example, Investment Mastery or BK Forex.

You can see that these website owners do lots of aggressive selling and they’re actually selling every trading tool and course they can think of.

They use a lot of words to convince the naive trader who believes trading is super easy.

They purport to be the superstars of trading but when you think about it, you realize that these folks are just selling and not trading.

This is the same scenario with the Currency University by Jason.

He is selling:

  • The laws of market dynamics
  • How market profile can accommodate any existing trading skill
  • Actionable trading concepts
  • True risk reward
  • How to manage trades
  • Daily access to trading chatroom
  • How to build a risk management plan

But the bottom line is always the bottom line.

Can Jay of the Currency University demonstrate his knowledge on a live trading account even if it’s for a month’s duration?

The fake testimonials from Currency University’s website

Anyone with a website can put up fake testimonials edited by themselves in order to deceive people who desperately want “snake oil”.

And they can sell the next snake oil after the next snake oil because the financially desperate tend to believe these phony testimonials.

A fake testimonial is one whose authenticity cannot be verified.

Yes there are screenshots of text from people who claim that the Currency University course content and experience is great.

The question is why exactly don’t we find them on popular trading Forums discussing the Currency University and telling others how good this trading school is?

Who is Jason Pellegrini of Blame Forex?

This guy is too young to become a professional trader.

He is too young to know how to apply the “techniques” to the market to make money.

Blame Forex University jason

At his age, any trading professional would simply choose to trade for money instead of spending time educating people how to make money off the Forex market.

What I am saying is that Jason is a salesman and not a professional trader. A sales man will tell you all the good things he has to offer.

There are even saleswomen on the internet nowadays. Take a look at this review of LadyF Trader who sells snake oil.

They purport to be professional traders but when you ask them about their track record, they either ignore you or respond with anger like a caged tiger who has been poked with a stick.


What I like is the fact that Jason of the Currency University is not proclaiming any income made from trading.

This is evidence that he is no trader so there’s no need to declare any income made from trading.

The question is what good will you find from a “trading school” like the Currency University if the professor is unqualified, inexperienced and unable to practically demonstrate his “money generating skills” on a live brokerage account?

Thanks for reading the Currency University review. I would like to see your comments now.