Review: Swiss Capital Broker a Scam

Welcome to the Swiss Capital review. Last time we reviewed a broker called Swiss Capital FX and didn’t like the fact that they’re unregulated and intending to scam traders. 

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Swiss Capital is a different broker from the one described above. However, they’re also unregulated but their presentation is very convincing.

In fact, this broker is presenting itself as a trading firm that enables traders to reach the peak of trading success. claims that they have exclusive trading strategies that will allow traders to invest and profit from the markets.

Swiss Capital wants traders to know that they’re company is the right trading partner. However, they fail to disclose their trading conditions, plus the company behind this broker is completely anonymous.

swisscapital review


We automatically consider this a red flag. If you were planning to deposit and trade with Swiss Capital FM, you need to read this review first before making any steps.

Swiss Capital Review

This broker has a very pretty website to start with. It is easy for first timers to sign up and deposit funds with the intention of trading, thanks to their aesthetically-cute design.

Swiss Capital offers a variety of trading instruments and generous leverage to top it off. Their CFDs cover a wide range of trading instruments which include Forex, commodities, precious metals, stocks, indices and Cryptos.

Since their maximum leverage is up to 1:200, we can consider this one of the benefits of trading with this broker. However, you also need to keep in mind that high leverage can quickly destroy your gains.

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You can only use this kind of leverage when you have accumulated a substantial gain over time.


As far as SwissCapital FM’s benefits are concerned, we also have a number of disadvantages at hand, which must be discussed here before any decisions can be made.


SwissCapital FM is an unregulated broker

Lack of transparency is the biggest weakness of this broker.

They never say which company is in charge or even where they’re operating from. The broker is only providing a contact phone number to suggest that they’re based in the Switzerland.


A phone number does not provide proof of jurisdiction since people nowadays use special mobile apps to pretend that they’re calling from certain country when that’s not the case.

Because SwissCapital is 100% anonymous, it would be dumb sending your money to a broker like Swiss Capital FX.


The reason is that this broker is possibly based in an off-shore location and since they’re unregulated, the worst that can happen is to get scammed in the hands of SwissCapital FM broker.

Since they’re anonymous, traders cannot even file a case against them since they can’t report a broker who neither has a registered company nor regulatory status.


FINMA warned against SwissCapital FM broker

We just discovered that this broker has been blacklisted by Swiss financial regulator, FINMA.

They’re on the financial regulator’s warning list, something that traders should not take lightly since those who have ignored such warnings have always lost money.


No proper trading platform

SwissCapital FM does not provide the two popular trading platforms, MT4 and cTrader respectively.

Instead, Swiss Capital FM is providing a certain web interface which is not as robust as the above mentioned trading platforms.


We have no idea who the developers of this trading interface are. Furthermore, when we signed up for a free account in order to familiarize ourselves, we discovered that this trading platform didn’t have useful features like those of the MT4 trading platform.


We don’t know about you but most traders somehow love using the MT4 compared to those strange trading platforms offered by unregulated brokers.

This will definitely fail to work assuming this broker is influential enough in their marketing and are able to reach out to many traders.


Inactivity fees is high

SwissCapital FM charges an inactivity fee of 10% assuming the account of the trader is inactive for at least 90 days.

We have only seen this kind of thing with unregulated brokers. They use this opportunity to make money off traders accounts which have been abandoned or forgotten for some reason.

The minimum deposit is 5,000 Euros which is extra ordinary considering that most brokers don’t ask amounts as high as 5k.

It is risky to invest this much with a regulated broker. It is better to avoid doing business with SwissCapital FM altogether.



It’s important that a broker should maintain 100% transparency and ensure that they can produce their regulatory license at a moment’s notice.

SwissCapital does not pass this test even for once. Swiss Capital FM is instead concerned with pimping up their website and attracting traders through aesthetic characteristics rather than the fundamentals of a professional broker.


We ask traders to shun brokers such as Swiss Capital. Thanks for reading this review.

We hope you’ll make the right decision by signing up with regulated brokers such as the ones recommended on this page. 


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3 Responses to “ Review: Swiss Capital Broker a Scam”

  1. Blo says:

    Well I’ve invested quite a bit of money. They never say you have to pay trading fees until you have come to a point where you have a big profit and all of a sudden on has to pay trading fees which is many thoundsands of euros. Another issue is they say you have to pay taxes on profit but it ends up on your account so one wonders which country you pay the funds to..
    Another issue is you can only withdraw if you are joined in the so called Diamond Club meaning way over €250000 . This is no joke.

    They are so called profession brokers trading on your behalf and after one has made a profit, they say you can withdraw and nothing happens nobody answers your enquiries only after several messages to them, then the called floor manager contacts you very upset informing you that you have to pay for the outstanding trades fee, which each one of the brokers tells you to deposit and then one can withdraw but it’s never happens.

    Very very untrusted worthy and unprofessional.
    Terrible experiences and every 2nd day you are called to deposit.

    Avoid this company.

  2. Ash says:

    I got ripped off by this broker recently it was difficult to get a withdrawal after many failed attempts i had to hire a recovery solution company to get my money back. ashleybaninatgmaildotcom

  3. Mark says:

    Hello everyone I have been scammed and I need help

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