Superforex Bot Review: Is Legit or Scam?

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Super Forex Bot is a developer of Forex robots. has created a bunch of Forex EAs and indicators rather than programming all the strategies into one product just like Forex Condor.

These trading systems include Smart system V.3, Flying Scalper, Maximum Scalper, Profit FX, Asia Scalper Pro, EA Swing Profit and a bunch of trading indicators.

It appears that Super Forex bot is always creating at least 2 trading systems every year. The Smart system V.3 seems to be their most popular trading system as it’s prominently displayed on the homepage.

There’s a short video clip showing how the Smart System V.3 works.

It’s basically a demonstration of the features of the trading system, but it does not offer any insights into the trading strategy or even how risk is managed.

SuperForex bot proclaims that they have the best Forex robot collection for automated buying and selling.

They want traders to know that SuperForex bot has created EAs with buy and sell analysis, money management and can close trades automatically.

Though Super Forex Bot is not making any bold claims in their marketing material, we still feel that they need to provide more information about their EAs before they can even qualify for a place in our list of the most popular trading tools.

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superforexbot review

Super Forex bot sells their trading systems at very affordable prices such that it can be tempting to purchase a license for any of their products.

Nevertheless, before you can spend any money on their products, you need to read this Super Forex bot review in order to establish whether these products are viable or not.

SuperForex Bot Review

The vendor’s website uses a minimalist approach in their design and sales pitch.

There are no fancy bells and whistles or even promises of one getting rich overnight if they use Super Forex bot trading systems.

They’re listing a number of benefits associated with using their products. These reasons are not out of the ordinary as they’re the usual “benefits” we find in every vendor’s website.

They include:

  • Consistent profits
  • Minimal configuration
  • Complete documentation
  • Supported by 4-digit and 5-digit brokers
  • Trading systems have passed backtests and forward tests
  • Best customer support

All of the above reasons don’t really inspire serious traders to make a purchase since they’re quite generic in nature.

The SuperForex bot team only have one reason they think can convince traders to purchase their EAs.

They believe that they can make sales by telling traders that their Forex EAs are placing trades automatically without human intervention.

On the other hand, we need this vendor to explain their trading approach and how they program their robots for the alleged success.

So far, we only have two types of Forex robots; scalpers and swing traders. We don’t know how entries and exits are established.

We don’t know what trading methodology the individual Forex robots are using to execute trades.

This lack of transparency is quite disturbing and could explain the reason why most of the SuperForex bot robots are very affordable. Their pricing is just too good to believe.

Trading results is not able to have a meaningful discussion with potential customers regarding the strategy they use in their trading systems.

We don’t think they can provide any evidence of successful trading using any of their automated systems.

The whole of this website does not provide links to the company’s account. There’s no screenshots (even if it means fabricated results) of their trading statements.

Super Forex bot simply wants traders to believe that their trading robots are the best.

They claim that they’ve back tested and forward tested their products on both demo and live accounts. We’ve not found any trading results associated with any of their products.

So we believe that their claims are false and cannot be verified.


We skipped a part of this SuperForex bot review which normally discusses about customer feedback. This is simply because feedback does not exist.

We find it strange since we’ve seen that Super Forex Bot has been around since 2018 and yet no one has ever provided any meaningful feedback regarding their service.

Either the vendor is not promoting their products or they’re just not working with customers who care to leave feedback behind.

Anyway, we can’t recommend SuperForex bot trading systems because they’re not backed by any trading results and secondly, the vendor lacks transparency, which is critical in building trust between them and their clients.

Thanks for reading this SuperForex bot review. We hope you’ll provide feedback in the comment section.

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