Suisse Trading Review: Scam Trading Signals?

Welcome to the Suisse Trading Signals review. The is claiming to offer the best Forex trading signals.

Did this company scam you? Are you facing difficulty withdrawing money out of this broker?

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Their telegram channel is also offering free signals. Traders expect between 1 to 2 signals per day if they opt to go with the free plan.

Suisse Trading is also offering a copy trading service dabbed TelegramFxCopier.

Suisse Trading Signals is also claiming that their signals have an 89% accuracy rate, a figure that we’re seeking to verify.

In addition to this, they’re promising 19.7% monthly return on investment.

They’re also informing traders that their company is offering Professional Swiss Assisted Trading.

Of course some traders are never sure whether to trust these signal providers or not.

This Suisse Trading Signals review looks at the quality of the signals, their trading experience and complaints that traders have raised (if any).

Ultimately, I will help you make up your mind whether or not to use this Forex signal provider.

In the meantime, those of you who want to start trading professionally can take advantage of these trading tools.

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Having said that, is this signal vendor any different from signal providers like Price Action Forex Ltd, Forex signals and invest, CTP FX or any other that we’ve reviewed on this website before?

Suisse Trading Review

The vendor’s website is quite clean. However, they’re omitting some useful information which traders deserve to know.

For example, we don’t know who runs or analyzes trades before they can be dispatched at Telegram.

We also have no idea how long these people have been trading or selling Forex signals to traders.

This page can give as a clue at least.

It indicates the website of Suisse Trading was created in March 2019.

Suisse trading signals review

So that means this business of selling signals has not been around for a long time.

Still, we deserve to know the level of experience which the traders running this operation have.

Details of Suisse Trading Signals and services

There are two monthly plans. The first one is free while the second plan costs $19 per month.

Suisse Trading pricing plans

The paid-for signal plan delivers up to 10 signals per day with multiple take profit.

They advertise a win rate of 89%. This figure has not been verified, so we’re assuming this is for promotional purposes.

On the other hand, Suisse Trading restricts the features it offers to free subscribers.

The free plan comes with limited performance (not sure what that means) and limited risk management.

These signals are for trading Forex and Gold respectively.

For a two week trial, traders can pay Suisse Trading $14.95.

These prices are quite low and we’re wondering whether the traders on this website can provide their full support and dedication to delivering quality signals that make money.

This is one of the cheapest signal providers out there as majority charge at least $50 per month upwards.

When you see a signal vendor charging peanuts, it could mean they’re planning to attract more subscribers using the subsidized prices.

Signal vendors have used this strategy to circumvent questions related to their trading performance.

It is like this; if the service is cheap, most traders won’t care about asking for trading history.

On the other hand, when the service is costly, traders will usually ask for trading history before risking their money upfront.

Suisse Trading Signals review: trade copier

Suisse Trading provides a copy trading software to those who don’t want to miss Telegram signals on their MT4 accounts.

suisse trading bot telegram copy trading and pricing plans

TelegramFxCopier is a smart tool that parses telegram messages and executes those signals into the subscriber’s MT4 account.

The tool reads all symbols, take profit, stop loss and other details pertaining to trade execution.

Suisse Trading has 4 different subscription plans and this is their most expensive product.

Monthly subscription start at $45 to $75 respectively.

If traders want lifetime subscription, they can pay $199 or $349 depending on the features desired.

The two monthly plans provide copy trading to 2 and 4 MT4 accounts respectively.

Unlimited signals can be copy traded to MT4 accounts in both plans.

This applies to both demo and live accounts.

Advanced analytics, 24/7 support and lifetime updates are also provided in both plans.

The other two plans also have similar features as the first two plans. The only difference is that these plans are for a lifetime.

Trading strategy of Suisse Trading

This vendor does not disclose their trading strategy to anyone.

This information is as important to traders as the identity and trading background of the owners of this business.

So now that they’ve failed to reveal their trading methodology, subscribers can only trade their signals blindly.

On the other hand, professional traders like us will never use signals from vendors who don’t disclose their trading logic.

Trading results

This signal vendor provides a page known as “signal report”.

As usual, opening that page to view what is published therein is disappointing since the vendor is only providing screenshots of alleged trades and profits.

There’s no transparency in this signal report. No third party has verified those results.

Most signal vendors (not just Suisse Trading) are using this trick to dupe naive traders.

We usually prefer Myfxbook account for statement sharing of trading results.

This platform has better analytics and results cannot be interfered with.

Screenshots of supposed trade profits just don’t count.

Suisse Trading reviews

This signal vendor has not received any feedback from the trading community.

Their also suggests that the vendor’s site does not receive any significant traffic.

Therefore, it seems that no customer has signed up with the signal provider.

This Suisse Trading review is the first one to be published.

This is also an excellent opportunity for you guys to leave your comments as we’ve provided a good platform at the right time.


While the website of this signal provider is clean and straight to the point, that is the only advantage they provide visitors with, save for the cheap pricing.

The negatives include lack of transparency since the signal vendor cannot demonstrate that their signals can trade with the stated accuracy rate.

Unverified figures in trading just don’t count. We also have issues with their anonymous nature.

They claim to be Swiss traders but who exactly are these traders and what is their experience?

Thanks for reading this Suisse Trading review.

8 Responses to “Suisse Trading Review: Scam Trading Signals?”

  1. Brian Knock says:

    SussieCG Trading is this company legal in Australia ?????

  2. D. T. says:

    Im a forex trader. If you can do 89% win rate consistently you can double your account in few weeks not 19.7% . Other than that why Swiss? Do anyone thinks that something “swiss” gives you an edge in this business?

    1. Gary VanSIckle says:

      Misleading % win rate, been with them 2 weeks and getting out while using their recommended trade management settings.

  3. Gary VanSIckle says:

    I had terrible results with SUISSE trade signals, used their settings in the EA and Exit Manager.
    Draw down is ridiculous – as I write this I am down 438 PIPS.
    When you have 3 losing trades (with 3 positions on each trade) all down 40-80 PIPS it takes
    several winning trades just to break even.
    Used their settings on EA and exit manager – 2 weeks into this down 10% on account.

    They have never heard of “The Trend Is Your Friend”

  4. Hugo says:

    I have been using the free signals from Swiss trading, I think they’re better than other trading signals providers.

  5. Scythian says:

    SCAM!!! They are just playing with the pip numbers but in real they’ll generate huge loss for you with a garbage risk-reward ration. Only one lost position and you need at least 10 winning positions. In only 2 days I lost 30% of my account. Stay away!

  6. Teecay says:

    SCAM….Please stay away. Do not pay money to them or anyone online who promises to help make a profit.
    The fees to get your profit is more than your initial investment usually …if you invest $100 the fees will x3. The longer you take to pay..the higher it gets..they will tell your first proit is still in “the system” and has generated more profit you will have to pay a higher fee.

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