Soltechx Review: Unregulated and Scam Broker

This review of Soltechx will make you understand why this broker is a scam that you should avoid.

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Is Soltechx a legit broker?

The reason as to why this broker is far from being legit is because they are hiding in an offshore location and doing business without a regulatory license.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a jurisdiction known for hosting investment scams and brokers that do not want transparency and accountability.

This is exactly where Soltechx is doing business from. The problem with using this broker’s services is that you will want to deposit some money in order to trade the purported financial instruments.

Because they are unregulated and will not suffer the consequences of stealing your deposit, they choose to trade against you and you end up losing the deposit.

If not, they will always come up with a silly trick where they tell you that if they can trade your account, you will earn more money.

Indeed majority of investors want this option. When you let them trade your account, they will just post fake profits and let you withdraw some profit.

When you eventually want to withdraw everything, the scammers will tell you to pay some money that will cater for taxes.

This is how they scam you huge sums of money when it only started with a minimum deposit of $250.

Are your funds safe with this broker?

Soltechx is a very dangerous broker that will not keep your funds safe. The lack of authorization from financial regulators where the broker operates from is the number one reason as to why this broker will scam you.

Let’s understand that such brokers don’t have a long-term outlook in the market. They are a fly-by-night operation with no previous reputation.

Because Soltechx does not put funds in segregaged accounts and is not a member of a compensation funds, you can be sure that ultimately you will lose your funds.

Soltechx review: The Conclusion

You should avoid this broker at all cost. They are a scam. They are unregulated and they are also the subject of many complaints on the internet.

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