Slimhandel Review

Slimhandel is an unauthorized Forex and CFDs broker. In this review, we will provide proof of how this broker is a big scam.

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Slimhandel is luring traders using colorful marketing language. They claim to provide state of the art trading platform, world-class customer support and many other supposed advantages.

Unfortunately, we have found that this broker is the worst when it comes to customer support. We asked them about their licensing status and they ignored us.

Is Slimhandel a legit broker?

By no means can this broker attain any form of legitimacy. We’re looking at their website and seeing that they are not authorized to provide trading services anywhere in the world.

The broker is based in the UK which means they should be having an FCA regulatory license which authorizes them to provide financial services to consumers.

Unfortunately this broker does not have the license and recognition of the financial regulator. This makes Slimhandel a high-risk broker.

As we’re writing this review, we have also discovered that the FSMA (financial oversight authority in Belgium) has blacklisted Slimhandel and warned its citizens against using the services of this broker.

The problem with unregulated brokers is that they are unpredictable and unreliable. They are here now but the website can disappear without a notice.

When this happens (it does happen many times), then traders usually incur heavy losses. There is never any compensation for traders who use unlicensed brokers to access the financial markets.

Are your funds safe with this broker?

Slimhandel does not guarantee the safety of your funds whatsoever. In fact, that is the reason they are operating with a license.

If they had a license, they would also be members of a compensation fund that settles the losses in case the company goes under.

Also, a regulated broker cannot interfere with your funds since all their clients’ funds are stored in a segragated account which is separate from company’s operating capital.

Unfortunately, Slimhandel does not meet this threshold and therefore your funds will be at risk of getting stolen by the operators of this company.

Slimhandel review: The conclusion

Avoid this broker at all cost because they are a deadly scam. A minimum investment of $250 will lead to putting in more money because the broker is working with very skilled salesmen.

Ultimately, a victim will lose all the money that they put in because the broker is a thief that steals every money that is wired into their bank accounts.

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Thank you for reading this review.