Select Investment Services Limited Review: A Scam?

Select Investment Services Limited is a company that solicits funds from the public with the promise of generating return on investments.

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We feel a little bit unsafe because the company is not actually telling us how they actually invest and whether or not our money will be safe in our hands. This is quite different from how reliable asset managers run their business in 2020.

Their website,, proclaims that they are a boutique securities house where clients range from high-net worth individuals to fund managers and investment banking institutions.

In addition to this, Select Investment Services is claiming to be licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

They can be contacted through email (, Fax ((852) 3104 9938) or Telephone ((852) 2804 2968).

Select Investment Services Limited review

The official website is even written in Chinese language which could server as proof that indeed they are operating from Hong Kong.

However, we were not able to verify if indeed it is that this company is regulated by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.

Furthermore, this investment broker is considered an offshore company just like Saba Capital which our review fell out of favor with.

Is Select Investment Services Limited legit?

This website does not have much information that investors would need before they can get started.

It only contains a few PDFs forms (for opening accounts), a disclaimer statement, deposit and withdrawal procedure.

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This is basically what they offer. There is no licensing number and ownership information is also hidden.

The only thing we know is that they are operating from Hong Kong.

With this in mind, most investors will not trust a company that runs its business in this manner.

In fact, even the website appears to be outdated in design and very different in terms of how reliable asset managers actually sell their services.


We wouldn’t trust with our investment whatsoever. The presentation is very casual and the team members who run the business are completely anonymous.

This website basically has the hallmark of those scams from Asia. They will basically cold call their victims to persuade them to send a deposit.

There are multiple doggy websites from Asia that do this sort of thing and we suspect this company has joined the league.

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