2 thoughts on “Satelysfx Review: Are Satelysfx Managed Accounts a Scam?”

  1. Hello,

    Thank you for your exhaustive review. We appreciate that you try to help investors to avoid online scams and this is really something we have in common (see our website > Brokers tab).

    That said, you should not have hesitated to solicit us about your questions because your article unfortunately contains too many speculations and some wrong information.

    Because of that, 2.7/5 is not a fair evaluation of our services quality and of our involvement for so many years.

    Please find a few kind comments below:

    1- Satelys is not an asset management company. Satelys is an advisor for asset managers. In short, our strategies manage individual/corporate accounts and a FX certificate (ISIN DE000A22J580) on behalf of asset management companies and under the control of their risk managers. We never hold any money.

    2- Satelys is not a website and traffic is not something we focus on. We don’t recommend to anyone to invest money on a “website”. We have an office in London to meet investors and partners and you are more than welcome to visit us and check hard copies of all our account statements. Our website has been made to give more information to prospective customers and partners who previously met us, to share our performance on the market and also to open an account more easily through a few online steps.

    3- We don’t invest any cent in online referencing/marketing and we don’t generate any revenue from our website. This is not our business model. Zonebourse has been a partner for more than 10 years and the link to their website is just a link to my own articles there.

    4- Our website is still hosted in France because we kept the same provider after moving to London but this shouldn’t be seen as suspicious.

    5- We don’t believe that London is the hub of wealth management. We explain that London is the first place in the world for FX businesses and we moved from Lyon in 2014 to be able to meet more qualified investors and partners on a daily basis. This choice has been a success.

    6- The approx 500k EUR account shared on FXBlue is a sample of what we do. Our strategies manage EUR, USD and GBP accounts and a EUR FX certificate with true brokers in UK, EU, Singapore and Dubai for a total AUM of several millions.

    7- We never try to push people to invest and we always make the compliant checks to make sure what we offer matches the investor’s profile. Our website and brochures are full of risk warnings everywhere. We don’t guarantee to be profitable in future and we keep saying that the risk of loss is permanent in margin trading. By definition, the return is the counterparty of such a risk. The minimum deposit was 10k before but we increased it to 50k in 2019 and it will increase again to 100k in 2020 to target bigger players. This is a normal progress and a simple information we give in advance because we eventually aim to work with a limited number of qualified investors.

    8- Our brokers don’t offer technical analysis but a technical expertise (technology).

    9- Your trust in myfxbook shouldn’t be greater than in FXBlue. Myfxbook, like FXBlue, is generally MT4-based and this is very easy to manipulate data if your IT skills are decent. A demo account can be shown as live, deposits and withdrawals can be customized and historical trades can be amended. I’ve already seen fully verified myfxbook accounts which were totally falsified and personally, I still have a preference for FXBlue which looks better and gives actually more information (a ton of scrolling options and charts, Stats and Risk tabs and subtabs, etc) but anyway before trusting anything you see on that kind of trackers, you should first trust the company behind the trading results, for example by meeting or at least talking to managers. Obviously, our data on FXBlue is genuine but we don’t ask anyone to believe us. For more evidence of our performance, we invite you to track our ISIN code DE000A22J580 on a Bloomberg terminal because this FX certificate, a new vehicle launched in January this year, is fully audited (same strategy, lower leverage).

    Hope it can help to give a more accurate perspective of a company I founded in 2006 and which has been all my life for almost 15 years now.

    Mathieu Burbau

  2. Hello,

    first of all well done for your site which helps people not to fall into scams that we see a lot on the internet.

    I want to give you my personal experience with Satelysfx in all transparency, I started with satelysfx in November 2019, to date I have an average performance of 3% per month.

    Mr Burbau is always available to quickly answer the questions I have.

    During the March bear market, I know many people who had their account lost with robots and martingale systems, Satelysfx has perfectly managed this delicate moment by taking less position and by protecting the accounts of their customers.

    To date I am fully satisfied with satelysfx which I recommend without hesitation.


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