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Premier Finances Limited Review: It’s a Scam (

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Premier Finances Limited wants to give investors better, simpler and more profitable ways of become financially successful. These anonymous guys are operating from the domain which is a highly suspicious website since they don’t have any track record just yet. In fact, Premier Finances Limited was registered in April 2023 and as at the time of publishing this review, had not received any ratings or comments from any investor.

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5 reasons why Premier Finances Limited ( is a scam

Here are 5 reasons why we’re against this broker. This list is not exhaustive as there are many other red flags shouting all over their website.

Premier Finances Limited is lying about its regulatory status

The footer of the website contains information about their supposed regulatory status. They suggest that their activities are regulated and authorized by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and also the Financial commission. We realize that this information is misleading since has even been blacklisted by financial regulators such as BS Securities Commission. They’re not authorized to provide financial or investment advisory to anyone in any capacity.

Disinformation on the Premier Finances Limited website

These people are supposedly popular as they have registered over 153,000 investors. These numbers are not correct as we have just seen that Premier Finances Limited was created less than 2 months ago and their website is not even getting the proper visitor numbers. So how did they get this number of investors? This is a kite in the sky.

Investment advisory with zero track record

Premier Finances Limited claims to select financial instruments with the ‘best performance’ and offer them to investors. They also claim to manage the investment accounts of their clients. We’ve seen that this entity is not authorized to do so and now we realize that they do not have any track record to justify their experience in handling investment matters.

Premier Finances Limited promises too good to be true ROIs

These scammers claim that they’ll pay 25% in 24 hours or up to 80% in 4 days. This ROI is allegedly paid out of their activities in the financial markets and also Crypto mining. The problem is that these are just stories. There is no trading of the capital markets going on and neither do they invest in Crypto mining activities.

No company details or persons behind the entity

They’re quite vague when it comes to answering the question of who they are. There is no information about the company owners or directors. Premier Finances Limited uses generic text to fill up space in this section. This is clearly a red flag.

Conclusion of the review

These guys are not offering you with a legitimate trading or investing platform. You cannot be financially successful investing in a scam like this. The faceless people who run this illegal operation are just going to steal your money. In this case, they intend to steal $500 as the minimum deposit before convincing the victim to deposit more money. If the victim refused, that is when they’ll realize that they’ve been scammed of their money.

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