Piranha Profits Review: Adam Khoo Course and Trade Alerts

Welcome to the Piranha Profits review.

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PiranhaProfits.com is owned and operated by a stock trading educator, Adam Khoo.

Adam Khoo is allegedly a millionaire trader who has invested in the Forex and stock market for more than two decades.

He is peddling a secret stock trading strategy that has consistently beaten the performance of the S&P 500 index every year.

Sure, all of us would be interested in this one secret Adam is selling for $416.40.

If this is truly the case, then Adam Khoo should be reasonable enough to think that he can either keep the secret stock trading strategy to himself or sell it for a very very big price tag.adam khoo of piranha profits value investing

Piranha Profits also claims that they’ve enrolled 1,080 students from 62 countries to their stock and Forex trading courses.

Here, the owner of Piranha Profits is basically promoting the trading course.

You and me know that these figures can’t be verified. We must have third-party audited records from the company’s marketing department.

The trading school is allegedly going to teach students how to trade like a pro.

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Adam wants to teach you how to become a consistently profitable trader.

All trading gurus says so.

But what happens to students who spend thousands of dollars on their trading courses and fancy indicators?

They fail, slip into depression and even contemplate suicide.

This Piranha Profits review investigates the track record of Adam Khoo, what he offers as well as the students he claims to have taught.

We’d like to know if there are real world examples of Piranha Profits students who are making consistent money trading the Forex and stock market.

Piranha Profits review

Trading educators are baffling.

Their salesmanship is startling.

That a trading educator wants to sell his secret trading strategy is something that leaves every sane mind wondering whether this magic strategy really works.

The reason for selling must be to make money.

This begs the question of whether the trading guru is really earning his living from a live trading account.

Piranha Profits™ review

If a trading educator cannot make money consistently from trading, the next thing he can do is brand himself as a successful trader and then tout all kinds of magic trading secrets to the financially naive.

What exactly does Adam Khoo offer?

He offers 3 types of trading products:

  • Piranha Profits Profit Snapper stock trading course $416.40
  • Piranha Profits Pip Fisher $416.40
  • Value Momentum Investing course: Whale Investor $506.40

Adam tells his audience that he is primarily trading the US stock market and that some of his students have implemented his strategy on other markets with equal success.

The first two courses are made of 8 and 10 video tutorials.

Alongside these video tutorials, Adam is also offering his proprietary trading tools worth $350 and $500 respectively.

There’s no addition subscription fees to gain access to these trading tools.

Students can also download notes and receive dedicated support from Adam and his team.

Piranha Profits is offering a trade alert feature for the first 3 months, free of charge.

He claims that many of the students are busy and this trade alert tool ensures that they never miss a trade.

The courses teach the following:

Technical analysis, position sizing, psychology of winning traders, charting and brokerage platform, developing a trading plan, risk and money management.

Profit Snapper teaches how to protect your profits.

Adam also claims that Bounce system is one of the trading strategies that all students of all levels can use to make money consistently.

The frustrated professional and the retired

Adam Khoo of Piranha Profits knows very well that this category of people are frustrated with the high cost of living and the prospects of retiring broke.

Adam claims that Whale Investor is a stock trading course that will teach students how to make their first million dollar portfolio from an average income.

Students are going to invest only 10% of their income.

Adam has allegedly found a simple to follow 7 step formula for picking 90% win rate investment portfolio.

He claims to teach how to find the top 1% undervalued stocks at the cheapest price.

Everything in this course is promoted based on the secret that students must learn to become millionaires.

The good and the ugly side

Piranha Profits courses appears to be helpful based on the promotional statements on their website.

Compared to Van Tharp courses, I can say that this trading school is way cheaper to attend.

And of course we appreciate the effort and time it took to compile this material together.

But we must get to the bottom line of this:

All of us would like to be taught by someone who has a track record of trading success.

We don’t want to be deceived that trading is easy.

We don’t want to be overwhelmed with aggressive promotion.

We want to learn under someone who has a real live account and not simulated trading account.

Does Adam Khoo fulfill any of these criteria?

The answer is a big fat No!

So again, the bottom line is that if we can’t find proof of live trading, then it is as good as undergoing surgery in the hands of a doctor who failed exams.

Adam Khoo of Piranha Profits does not have a record of successful trading.

I’m sure he will bast in anger when he reads this review.

If he is the gentleman he proclaims to be in his marketing videos, he will probably send me an email to make some clarifications.

But if he is like one of those fake trading gurus, he will act like a caged tiger who has been poked with a stick.

He will create drama in the comment section of this Piranha Profits review.

But you all agree with me that in as much as I’ve tried my level best to shade some light on what this trading school offers, the part that says “show us your redacted broker statement for the last 2 months” was not represented very well.

Unless Adam and his team can show us successful trading and earnings on a live account (not a simulated account) for at least one month, we’ll stay away from this trading school for good.

Thank you for reading this Piranha Profits review.

Leave your comments if you would like to say something.

4 Responses to “Piranha Profits Review: Adam Khoo Course and Trade Alerts”

  1. Viktor says:

    What absolute nonsense from a biased so called reviewer who has clearly not actually purchased any of his courses.

    After scouting and trying out many different ‘teachers’ or obtaining information off the internet, nothing compared to when buying his VMI course and applying his knowledge and thoughts into his passionate videos.

    If you don’t believe me (and instead this farce of a reviewer) go to Adam’s free YouTube page to get a sample of what he has to offer and teach. A great teacher, motivator with a simple teaching style that has helped me out tenfold.

    The best part is that Adam doesn’t need to brag about his wealth or reveal his material possessions. A lot of people from the south east Asia region know how successful he is, it doesn’t take much research to see how legit he is.

    1. Isabelle says:

      Hi Victor,

      Totally agree with you. So far, I have only seen the free youtubes and I know for sure that the are worthwhile:
      – he prediceted a bull market after the crash while everyone was super bullish
      – he pretends that he cannot predict the future, but most of the time he is right.

      Could I contact you to have some more objective information on the courses please?

  2. Dyne says:

    An “unbiased review” site that rides on other more popular brands’ keywords to promote their own “learning materials”? Not sure who’s the one peddling snake oil here…

  3. Terence says:

    I bought Khoo’s Pip Fisher forex course because I was so impressed by his free YouTube videos on how to trade profitably. From his money management video, it shows that it is only how much you profit and you can never lose in the long term.
    I followed the 2 strategies taught to the letter using virtual trading and majority lost money. I even dared to open a live account and traded with real money and lost money too. This went on for 6 months. Khoo’s strategies do not work. I followed his instructions strictly and I know he is a scammer who made his money selling courses.
    All the trades he showed in his videos that showed making profits was so easy we’re all cherry picked with benefit of hindsight. David Jaffee challenged Khoo and his students that if they could show him their broker statements that they made profits in live accounts, he would reward them. None, not even Mr.Khoo dared to take up the challenge. A recent research have shown that only 2% of day traders make money. Khoo is teaching forex day trading.
    I am sharing with you my real life experience, I am not forcing my belief on anyone but if you still want to buy his course, go ahead and find out the truth yourself.

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