Oriontero Review: Avoid this Scam Broker

This review proves that Oriontero is a fraudulent broker that you should not use for your trading. Oriontero is asking for a minimum deposit of 10,000EUR minimum deposit which is very unusual. Furthermore, this broker does not have a valid broekr’s license.

They pose a risk to many beginners because their target is your deposit and not to provide you with a stress-free trading environment.

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Is Oriontero a legit broker?

This CFDs broker cannot be legit because they don’t even have a physical address. When you browse their website, you get a strong sense of anonymity, which should be a big red flag.

Secondly, they do not have a regulator’s license. What they want is that once you have deposited the funds, they can trick you to depositing more funds or they can simply block you from any future commission.

The problem with an unregulated broker like Oriontero is that they cannot follow the industry standard practices. They cannot legitmately provide you with a good trading environment because they are a bucket shop broker.

A bucket shop broker is one that trades against you, and this broker can be difficult to make money from because they don’t route your trades into the financial markets.

Most of the time traders and investors lose money to such brokers and even if you manage to outsmart them in the game, they will never let you withdraw your deposit.

That is how bad it can get. For that reason, Oriontero cannot be a legit broker.

Are your funds safe with this broker?

Funds will not be safe if they are being held in a bank account owned by an offshore and illegal Forex broker.

It’s like trusting a thief to preserve funds for you. It cannot happen. The reason is because Oriontero is looking to make money illegally by soliciting it from traders across the world even in markets that a strongly regulated by the EU.

As a matter of fact, Oriontero is on the scam list of FSMA….. which is the financial regulator in Belgium.

They have all the reasons to believe that this broker is unsafe and cannot be trusted with funds.

We also think the level of anonymity on this broker’s website is quite high. This is a serious red flag. Be warned.

Oriontero Review: The conclusion

The broker has set up a trap and they’re hoping to collect thousands of dollars from naive victims.

Now that you have read this review, you should be very careful because this is the sad reality for victims who engage with this broker in one way or the other.

If they have lied to you and stole your money, now is the best time to RECOVER IT.