Orderflows.com Review: Michael Valtos of Order Flows!

Welcome to the OrderFlows.com review. Order Flows is a trading education and order flow software provider.

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The owner of OrderFlows.com created this website in July 2015 but didn’t wish to expose his identity to his consumers.

The ID of the website owner was thus hidden. However, the name Michael Valtos surfaced in the promotion material of the website where he claimed to have traded professionally since 1994.

In fact, the owner of Order Flows is claiming that he has traded for banks like JP Morgan and Commerzbank.

Moreover, he insists that he has worked for Commodity trading houses like Cargill and EDF Man and is currently trading for himself.

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Unfortunately, Michael Valtos of Order Flows has indicated on the footer of his website that all trading results are hypothetical.

Order Flows review michael valtos

This simply means that all results are coming from a trading simulator.

A professional Commodities trader with “experience similar to that of Michael Valtos” would not find it necessary to publish this disclaimer on his website for he would be providing results from a real trading account.

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Michael Valtos also provides a different kind of order flow software on his other website called Delta Scalper.

Delta Scalper is supposedly different from other indicators because it reads market information and tells you when a potential supply/demand is going to occur.

A license of Delta Scalper indicator costs $299 and it works on NinjaTrader 7 and 8 respectively.

If consumers want more refined analytics which lets them grow their account balance easily, then Michael Valtos has additional solutions.

He is providing the following trading solutions:

  • The OrderFlows Trader Software Package………….$899
  • OrderFlow Trading School………………$297
  • OrderFlows Valtos Indicator Suite………..$600

If the above is not enough, then Michael gives you the option of spending $1,250 to get everything.

This is quite interesting. It makes us believe that traders who use order flow analytics are constantly making money.

But if this is the case, why are they not showing us a live trading account? Why are vendors like Michael Valtos or FMind insisting on hypothetical performance?

Order Flows by Michael Valtos Review

Order Flow analytics is supposedly so powerful that it can trade all kinds of markets while making money with razor sharp accuracy.

If you want to trade E-mini SP, no problem. You can make money.

If these markets are not good enough, orderflow analytics will help you make money trading Gold, Corn, Crude Oil etc.

Moreover, Michael claims that his OrderFlows Pulse indicator is providing information just before the market makes a dramatic move.

He is also selling another indicator called OrderFlows Turns.

With this tool, traders will know the exact point when the market is turning.

Additionally, footprints of aggressive buyers and sellers can be traced using a special indicator showing imbalanced support and resistance zones.

Still getting lost in the middle of this Walmart of Orderflow indicators. But we do understand that as long as we’re talking of trading using this kind of analysis, Michael Valtos has a solution.

But what’s the truth behind OrderFlow analytics? 

Well, since 1992, order flow indicators have been used for trading. We refer to them as “Volume Visualization indicators”.

Volume Visualization makes use of Bid/Ask data. This information is displayed on a graphical interface of the trading DOM.

And we are supposed to think that the magical patterns that are emerging from these order flow indicator charts are sure bets.

Michael Valtos of OrderFlows is an indicator salesman, particularly an order flow indicator merchant.

There are many different types of merchants on the internet selling these indicators.

One group of merchants claim that “huge volume is hitting the bid price” and consequently traders should anticipate a big price move.

Other salesmen like Michael Valtos will come up with fancy names for their indicator and claim they know what the big boys are going to do.

Good examples include Delta Scalper, Single Prints Last Buyer/Last Seller, Volume Cluster and sometimes Delta Divergence.

The last lot simply proclaim that the iceberg orders that appeared 1 minute ago are a signal that money is on the table.

There are all kinds of money claims here but one thing is for sure. People like Michael Valtos of OrderFlows and other indicator hustlers have no third-party verified track record of success.

When a request for track record of success is made, these orderflows indicator salesmen will make the following claims:

I have been trading since 1994.

I have traded for big banks such as P Morgan and Commerzbank. My track record surely speaks for me.

My students are happy because they are making profits. I don’t care about haters like you.

We have never found any vendor with authentic track record for trading.

Yet they keep selling Orderflows indicators as if it is the next big thing after a slice of bread.

It is simply a theory used to defraud naive consumers. Read the next paragraph to learn how the game is played.

Orderflows review: Order Flow spoofing

What is order flow spoofing?

It is the act of manipulating the order book with fake buy and sell orders when the participant(s) does not have an actual intention of executing a trade.

Participants of this type enter a long position when they want price to go higher.

For the retail trader like me and you, we sit around while hoping that more buyers will push price higher before we can enter our long positions.

They are called ‘spoofers” because they utilize advanced trading algorithms to place huge orders where they intend to exit the market, not where they would like to enter.

This will automatically create the “magical Orderflows pattern” that fools retail traders like you and me, making “us” believe that we can pile up our positions to make a lot of profit.

However, these spoofed orders are never actually real orders because they’re never filled. The spoofers simply cancel the orders a millisecond before they can execute.

Poor traders like us will never catch this manipulation because we’re human and we cannot process what is happening behind the computer in mere milliseconds.

In the end, naive traders keep spending thousands of dollars on the next great Orderflows indicator expecting different results.

They chase a unicorn while the “big boys” keep doing their thing. So that’s exactly why Orderflows.com is a scam!


Michael Valtos of Orderflows is not stupid. He definitely knows that he can’t build a track record from his order flow analytics.

The concept is flawed due to the theory above. You can never make it a stable source of income for life, hence the reason why these reviews depict a frustrated lot of consumers.

We will therefore choose to look the other way because clearly, these indicators are not for the enlightened.

Thanks for reading this Orderflows review. We’re looking forward to your opinions in the comment section.

One Response to Orderflows.com Review: Michael Valtos of Order Flows!

  1. Jason says:

    I’ve been following Mike Valtos for years, his concepts are actually very solid. Your point above about order flow spoofing doesn’t even apply to his method. Spoofing happens in the order book, his method looks at actual trades that have taken place. No part of his method involves the order book. He is also happy to show when his signals do not work, and talks about something almost no other vendors do… context. He never says take 8 ticks at a first target, because people who say that, in my opinion, have no clue what the market is doing. Maybe if you spent some time researching his method not just his track record… you might have learned something. He is only 1 of maybe 3 trading educators that I have seen actually trading what the market is “doing”…. not just some signal without context.

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