My Trading Skills Review: Is a Scam?

Welcome to the My Trading Skills review. What exactly is My Trading Skills? It’s a trading school based in the UK whose official website can be found at

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My Trading Skills introduces Phillip Konchar as their head tutor. Philip Konchar is also the founder of another trading school and community platform called

His LinkedIn profile reveals that Phillip Konchar is a “full-time professional trader” of personal investment funds.

This profile also indicates that Mr. Phillip Konchar of My Trading Skills prefers trading Equity Index Futures and Energy Commodities. He proclaims to have founded and directed a Financial Sector consultancy firm called Konex for 17 years.

my trading skills review

Konex is basically a company that carries out marketing activities for derivative brokers.

My Trading Skills, on the other hand, is owned and operated by a UK-based corporation called PMJ Publishing.

Like Konex, PMJ Publishing creates advertising materials for brokers.

The official website of My Trading Skills proclaims to teach students how to find their edge in trading using CPD-accredited courses.

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You can find more information about CPD courses here to better understand what it is and whether a CPD-accredited course is a guarantee of success if you take that course.

Having said this, we’ll review the trading school and let you know whether it’s worth subscribing for their course materials.

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My Trading Skills Review

The trading educator wants aspiring traders to know that they offer trading courses, live market analysis and coaching altogether.The products offered by this trading school have been broken down into the following format.

(1)Beginning to trade

A 10-hour course designed for beginners to learn the foundations of trading.

(2)Technical Trading

A 50 hour trading course for intermediate level traders. My Trading Skills claims to teach how to implement tools and techniques to analyze the financial markets.

(3)Strategic trading

A 1 month trading course for advanced level traders. Workshops hosted by Phillip Konchar are also included in this course.

All trading packages come with access to the school’s community of live “expert-led” broadcasts plus live market analysis is conducted by moderators to teach newbies and help experienced traders find ideas.

My Trading Skills packages and pricing

There are 3 types of course packages offered by this trading school. They are as follows:

[tabs][tab title=”Foundation”]Access to MYTS community

Beginner course included

Costs $59 per month

No technical trading or personal coaching

[/tab] [tab title=”Analyst”]Access to MYTS community

Beginner course included

Technical analysis course is included

No personal coaching

Monthly cost is $129

[/tab] [tab title=”Strategic”]Includes all of the features in the Foundation and Strategic packages

Costs $379 per month


Looking at the training packages, we feel that My Trading Skills is a costly trading school to attend.

Imagine for $59 per month, learners are still not getting a chance for 1 on 1 coaching, yet there are good trading schools that will provide all of this for a one-time payment of $200 or less.

We also don’t like the recurring payments to remain subscribed because again this is not the norm of trading schools out there.

Most trading schools give you a one-time payment for all their learning materials including coaching. We will be compiling a list of those trading schools soon.

For now, we feel that the pricing model is not working for us and most likely it won’t work for readers of as well.

Trading results

Their claim to fame is that My Trading Skills courses are accredited by CPD. This serves as an excuse not to provide trading results or prove that their instructors are full time traders as claimed on the sales page.

Students should probably read what CPD is and get to understand what it entails to have courses accredited by this certification.

Even then, a full time trader who claims to be a professional trader managing his own funds should not shy away from proving their skill to an audience.

If a trader is successful, they will definitely showcase their track record before anything else. Ownership of companies that are either associated with popular Forex brokers or are advertising for them does not mean anything.

The way their official website is structured suggests that the trading school is providing useful content. However, we don’t know to what extent this learning content is useful.

There is a 14 day money back guarantee which applies to all purchases on this website. However, this also goes hand in hand with the companies terms and conditions.

We are not sure how this will work because once students consume “knowledge”, there’s no way to ask a refund and return that knowledge to the seller.

My Trading Skills reviews

Feedback from real consumers is very critical. The more we find those reviews, the more we write reviews that reflect an accurate reflection of a trading school or product.

My Trading Skills website was created in 2017 according to Between then and now is a long period of time. The website’s popularity has continued to grow but despite this, we didn’t find any customer feedback regarding My Trading Skills services.

We feel that this is weird but maybe the trading educator can come here and let us know why this is so.


My Trading Skills looks like a professional trading school to say the least. However, we’re unsure whether or not to recommend it at this time. We’re seated on the fence and we believe that despite making a professional presentation, the website did a terrible job at proving that their instructors are full time professional traders. There’s no proof of this anywhere on their profiles. Thanks for reading the My Trading Skills review. We look forward to your feedback regarding this trading school. The comment section is open.

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