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Mex Atlantic Review: Scam Broker Abusing Court Order

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Mex Atlantic ( is one of the many phony websites owned and operated by MEX Group Worldwide Limited. This company also runs, (Europe), (Australia) and and (Hong Kong). Now, the defunct (which is associated with Mex Atlantic) scammed traders between 2010 and 2016 before they did a runner. Around the same time, another website associated with iKon companies (iKon GM) scammed traders through a virtual dealer plugin that would later see their customers losing their investments on the phony trading platform. iKon GM ended up getting fined by the NFA for this illegal act. Full details can be found on the NFA website.

It appears that Mex Group of Companies have now gone berserk. The crooks are even obtaining court orders with the intention of preventing review sites from exposing their dirty business practices. Keep in mind that Mex Atlantic is one of their brands. There is no MEX Group Worldwide Limited without MexAtlantic.

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That said, you can be sure that Mex Atlantic brokerage is also a scam as the apple does not fall far from the tree. Currently, reviews of Mexatlantic are extremely negative. Nearly all of the websites associated with Mex Group of companies look alike as they share the same template and same business ethics. So why do traders continue to waste their money and time on Mex Atlantic and their associated websites?

Mex Atlantic ( Review

Company appears to be run by crooks with a fat ego. Mex group of companies continues to commit fraud by mishandling customers on their various trading platforms. The deception is sickening.

This particular broker holds a CIMA license in Cayman Islands. However, the scope of their operation is outside the regulatory boundaries of CIMA, hence the website is as good as a broker that is not licensed.

Mex Atlantic promises over 20,000+ tradeable instruments on their platform which include Forex, Metals, Shares, Indices, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

In addition to this, they present the instruments on the popular Metaquotes platforms (MT4 and MT5). Consumers who wish to trade with the broker can open a standard, pro or ECN accounts. With a minimum deposit of $50, clients can get started on the standard account which charges 1.5 pips spreads on major pairs.

The Pro account type appears to be the most afforable as spreads start at 0.8 pips. Social trading is also available in all the 3 account types. This way, the broker is ensuring that they can accommodate both novice and experienced traders.

1:500 is the maximum leverage that Mex Atlantic is willing to provide its clients. While this leverage is too high, some trading strategies might benefit from such high leverage, though you’re reminded to exercise caution as over-leverage can easily burn your account.

Broker promises to provide technical and multilingual support to both retail and corporate traders alike.

The website is generally good-looking and very convincing. However, once a customer deposits money and starts trading, their experience will turn from good to awful.

Mex Atlantic and their dirty dealings

These crooks have done absurd things to their customers — from denying winners of trading contests their dues to trapping them with huge bonuses which later make withdrawals a headache.

The employees of MexAtlantic and their associated brands are also known to post fake reviews on Forex forums for the sake of deceiving unsuspecting victims into signing up.

There are claims that MexAtlantic and their associated websites are hiding in China and only using Europe and Australia domains and locations as face for their clients to trust them.

There are too many wrongs here. I cannot possibly exhaust them.

What to do if you’ve been scammed by MexAtlantic

You should present your case on the live chat at the bottom of this site or fill out the form at the beginning of this review. The professionals will review your case for free and if you qualify for a chargeback, further instructions will be communicated.

The Conclusion

Mex Atlantic and their gang are a trouble to unsuspecting Forex traders. Their websites are also professional because this is the primary way they attract traders.

With sleek marketing language, the broker can easily convince you, thanks to huge and unrealistic bonuses which they are always pushing traders to accept. They dangle the carrot on your face hoping that your greed will push you to accept their phony bonus offers. Avoid a broker like this at all cost.

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