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Max Trading System Review: is it a Scam?

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Max Trading System by Dr. Pruitt is currently getting lots of reviews and attention among traders who love price action and indicators.

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The website claims that they have the most effective trading method and training that makes between 30% to 300% more profit. 

In addition to the trading courses provided by this website, trading signals are also provided on their News watch list.

They’re offering 5 different training courses namely:

ETF Primer course……………. $329

ETF Lite course……………..$699

ETF Standard Course ………..$2999

ETF SAM course ………….. $799

ETF Advanced course …………$2,395

These courses are prerequisite of one another, meaning that traders must go through all of these to master the MAX Trading System.

That would mean spending over $7,000 on trading education. This makes no sense.

Training are conducted through live webinars and videos.

Again, you can find these for a pocket-friendly cost or for free (in case you have time to do your homework on Google).

Max Trading System also provides a bunch of indicators and trading templates in addition to engaging students using “homework”.

That means students should take trades and submit screenshots of their live trades which follows the Max Trading System methodology.

I’ve looked at the course details and found that emphasis is put on price action, trade entries and exits, trends, trade management and risk management.

There are lots of reviews from people who are supposedly using the Max Trading System and these people claim that the training is very good.

I would take their claims with a pinch of salt because it is not likely that even one of these so-called traders can confirm that they’re making consistent returns using the Max Trading system.

Welcome to the Max Trading System review.

If you’d like to spend less on quality training, we highly recommend that you pick any of the trading tools on this page.

However, if you want to spend 7K on trader training with no guarantee that you’ll get a ROI for your 7k spend, keep reading this review to make a decision.

Max Trading System review

To contact the operators of this website, one has to use either of their gmail adddresses: AT or maxtrades4u AT

The company behind this website is registered as MAX Trading System LLC.

They’ve listed their address as 1910 Thomes Ave, Suite 1001 Cheyenne, WY 82001.

Also, a phone number has been provided.

Traders can call the number +1 (307) 222-3290.

The Max Trading system website claims that it is offering authentic training.

Furthermore, it claims that their system is SUPERCHARGED with the proprietary Enhanced Trade Format Indicator.

The owner is offering to show us how profitable his Max trading system is on a real time chart.

MAX Trading System scam

There’s a link to a YouTube video which they use to show the supposed profitability of the system.

I’m wondering if such a video can be used as proof of profitable trading.

I’m not sure but when I use intellect and some common sense, I feel that Dr. Pruitt is yet another trading educator peddling snake oil.

The target would be those who are yearning to learn trading and are willing to listen to any crap from a skilled internet marketer.

Next, these victims would be pulling their credit cards because they’ve heard that a holy grail trading system exists which can generate up to 300% more profit.

The Max Method overview

The Max method teaches students how to take advantage of trends with conservative risks using the company’s proprietary risk management.

They also want to teach students how to read price action and scale in and out of trades.

It is supposedly the holy grail of trend following.

The Max Trading system website is selling an introductory course and also enticing users to upgrade so they can access more ETF indicators.

They are promised that these indicators provide more entries and time in riding trends.

This aggressive yet cleverly put together sales pitch tells me that the owner of this website has mastered selling on the internet pretty well.

The right choice of words gets the right customer at the right time.

But the question is whether or not you’ll be happy once you’re done spending 7k on a trading course that has never been tested with true results.

The second course which costs $699 is built upon the first one. If you spend that amount, you’ll have access to trading Indicators, templates, homework evaluation, video recordings of every session and a Homework Group.

In as much as this sounds enticing to the naive and financially desperate, the bottom line question has be asked at all times.

Can the operator of Max Trading system provide his proof of live trading?

Does he trade his Max method on a live broker account?

And if yes, why concentrate so much on selling when a properly traded account can make even more money than website business?

Even if some people claim the Max method is the best training around, common sense would demand that you ask the above questions.

Max Trading System review: digging deeper

I told myself that I was not going to easily let the fella off the hook.

The person running this website is claiming to have attained a doctorate, hence the name Dr. Pruitt.

If the Max system is so effective, I would like to see some kind of proof that the system was put to task and it yielded the super profits.

Otherwise, I consider it pure snake oil.

I confronted the trading vendor with the usual tough questions.

I wanted to know why they were showing me all the graphs, all the entries and exits where I would have made nice profits and yet no trading statements from a live account.

The only answer I got was that it was illegal to show trading results to students.

I don’t know of any law that prohibits trading educators from proving their prowess to their students.

And by way, which of the two is illegal?

Producing a redacted broker statement to support the claims or bombarding students with a bunch of indicators and training materials while forcing them to believe that this is the real deal?

I immediately retreated and wanted to write a Max Trading system review so badly.


Psychology is the playing ground that fake trading gurus use to deceive the financially naive.

The way they peddle their snake oil on trading forums and their own websites is mesmerizing.

But to a trained eye, it is sickening.

I almost got an eyesore because I couldn’t handle the idea that a bunch of trading indicators and live videos could teach me a secret that no man has ever discovered.

As a student of Max Trading system, you have to ask yourself this question:

Is the Max method an effective trading system? Against what benchmark was the effectiveness measured?

Secondly, why is the owner not willing to prove his point besides maintaining that this is authentic training?

You know it’s the reason why I have discredited several “holy grail” trading systems.

A few examples include I Trade Aims, TradeSight, Born2Trading, ProAct Traders etc.

None of those vendors could prove to me that their trading systems work.

Like Max Trading system, they only maintained that they were offering something that works….. something that is out of this world!

Thanks for reading the Max Trading system review

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