Market Rebellion Review: Jon and Pete's Options Trading Scam -

Market Rebellion Review: Jon and Pete’s Options Trading Scam

Welcome to the Market Rebellion review. Market Rebellion was founded by two twins called Jon and Pete Najarian.

They love to appear on CNBC to talk about investing. Does this talking mean that someone is a successful trader and investor? Absolutely not!

This Market Rebellion review is a proper analysis of the products that Jon and Pete are selling on their website.

After analyzing the website and the people associated with it, we discovered one thing: none of the two has ever had a track record of successful trading.

Furthermore, Jon and Pete are more than glad to endorse the next snake oil on TV for a good promotional fees.

We don’t know for how long Market Rebellion will continue to gleefully convince an older naive audience to invest $16,000 per year on their options trading products.

In fact, I cannot tell how different Market Rebellion is from investment frauds like SJ Options, Trading Template and many others.

One of their most popular trading products is known as Unusual Options Activity by Jon Najarian. The two, Jon and Pete are supposedly going to show their students how to “follow the smart money”.

Unusual Options Activity is basically a talk-throughout-the-day show with Pete and Jon and their “team of analysts” who will also show you how to use their “proprietary Heat Seeker™ algorithm”.

With these fancy names, one would think that their options trading success will be a guarantee. So they will be convinced by these two colorful characters to invest their lifetime’s savings.

So, what exactly is Market Rebellion and who is Jon and Pete?

Well, before we get to the critical part, we’d like you to check out these recommended trading tools. 

Market Rebellion Review

Jon and Pete are mostly famous because of their CNBC appearance. They like to wear cheap jewelry and stupid clothes.

Market Rebellion review Jon and Pete

For those who want to catch up with the latest stock market news, CNBC is usually their go-to place.

However, for the investor who knows what they want with their investment money, CNBC would serve no useful meaning other than to entertain.

The colorful characters are always jibber-jabbering in a bid to paint the image of successful market analysts and investors.

The colorful characters are always hawking a financial product. If it is not this indicator, it must be that indicator.

Having watched these entertainers on CNBC for a while and writing reviews like this particular one, we’ve learned that there is no relationship between successful investing and appearing on Television, hawking a trading product.

Jon and Pete of Market Rebellion are a bit different from the rest of the characters on CNBC because they instead wear the macho male persona while wearing the image of a gorilla.

They want their audience to believe that they own the stock market and their information is always right. Their puffed up ego is quite intimidating.

Their gorilla-appearance is scary. Both of them are bald-headed but are making up for their loss of hair using long ponytails.

They’re also dying their goatees, probably with the intent of making them appear more masculine. However, the truth is that these acts are giving them stupid, unintended results in the eyes of viewers.

The purpose of this Market Rebellion review is to find out the underlying motive of these two horrible characters.

Are they successful traders or simply marketers who want the financially unsophisticated to send them $16,000 per year?

I repeat my previous answer with a big resounding No! They have no track record of successful trading yet they continue to hawk the following financial products.

Pete Najarian Cash Flow portfolio

This is supposedly the secret formula to generating constant cash flow. Pete proclaims that he can teach you how to become rich like him.

If you want this secret investment formula, just login to the Market Rebellion website and find a trading educator and market analyst called Bill Johnson.

Mr. Bill Johnson will give you tips and investment recommendations which he supposedly learned from Pete Najarian.

And now the cost! If you’re wondering, this investment recommendation service attracts a whooping $3,500 per year.

Unusual Option Activity

Under this category, Jon and Pete are hawking a magical trading indicator called “Heat Seeker” trading indicator.

The “Heat Seeker” trading indicator is supposed to be a truly majestic money-making tool.

The sales page claims that if you purchase this product, you’ll be a part of an exclusive team of traders who are minting thousands of dollars by trading with the “Heat Seeker” indicator.

TNT Options and TNT Options Pro

Market Rebellion is hawking a product for people who like to talk. For $500 per year, you have access to an investment education expert every Tuesday morning.

If you want to do more than just talking to this investment education counselor, Market Rebellion will give you the option of paying for TNT Options Pro.

Here, you’ll participate in weekly conversations and also get trading recommendations. TNT Options Pro costs $1,500 per year.

Pete and Jon proclaims that TNT Options Pro is a guarantee that you will explode your profits!

Smart Money Advantage

Promotion material written by Pete and Jon proclaims that they know what the “smart money is doing”. They also claim that they have knowledge of what the smart people are doing.

Now you can make explosive profits by taking advantage of Market Rebellion’s Smart Money Advantage secret.

Smart Money Advantage is touted by “lead financial analyst” called Ryan Mastro. website has listed him as a stock broker who held a license for 3 years before letting go. He no longer has a license. Ryan appears to be an expert marketer and financial product hustler.

He owned a trading educational company called Active Options Investing and also got involved with the Shadow Trader scam.

Market Rebellion Phoenix Portfolio

This financial product is for people who want to build a portfolio of stocks that guarantee handsome returns.

Purchasing puts against a stock portfolio will supposedly guarantee the stock portfolio to rise, thereby making profits as projected by Market Rebellion.

The cost of Phoenix portfolio and accompanying products is $14,000 per year.

Just in case you don’t know, Market Rebellion is not informing investors of the fact that any gains made on a portfolio are likely to be stripped away by the cost of puts in the long term.

Market Rebellion coaching with Jon and Pete

If you still want more, you can get a chance to bask in the twin’s fountain of oozing testosterone.

Marketing materials proclaim that for $10,000, you can be “grouped together’ into a private yacht with Pete and Jon.

Breakfast and dinner is served and you get two days of stock trading education.

You can ask any question you like. With this outdoor course, you will enjoy a cruise in a private yacht, sucking the balls of Jon and Pete.

Market Rebellion one-on-one coaching

For $900, Pete and Jon will let you talk for 3 hours about all your problems and questions.

Since personal time with Pete and Jon is experienced in a separate product (highlighted above), you don’t expect one-on-one coaching to cater for all your fantasies.

Time Bandit and Time Bandit Pro

In this product, Pete and Jon of Market Rebellion are hawking the most powerful options trading strategy ever known to mankind. The options trading strategy touted by Market Rebellion promotion material is called Iron Condor.

This super-secret options trading strategy can be accessed at a cost of $500 per year.

If you feel that you still need more of this secret trading strategy, Market Rebellion will ask you to pay additional $2,000 per year which caters for 2 to 4 trade ideas sent directly to your email.

The ugly and dirty

John Caruso is a former convict who comes from a lineage of con artists dating back to the 90s.

An attorney served Mr. John Caruso of Zima Digitial Assets with a 3-year jail term for extorting and blackmailing older, rich men and convincing them to part with large sums of money or risk their balls getting crashed.

As funny as this sounds, this is what John Caruso used to do (according to this Arizona news website).

Now, Mr. John was also a good buddy of another serial con artist called Zach Salter.

Mr. Zach Salter has spent the better part of his young life running petty scams in the state of Arizona.

Later in 2018, the two came together to create a plan.

They wanted to scam investors by re-inventing themselves as money managers and luring unsuspecting consumers to invest in a Cryptocurrency trading scam.

This is how Zima Digitial Assets was born. John and Zack leveraged on Instagram to deceive unsuspecting investors.

The first sum of money that investors were scammed of was used to rent a Lamborghini and a Bentley.

These cars were supposed to be used as social proof.

The next thing they did was to rent a mansion in Scottsdale Arizona which was also used as social proof.

Next, they reached out to Jon and Pete Najarian of Market Rebellion, formed a partnership which saw Jon and Pete promoting their service.

Of course no background research was done prior to forming this partnership.

When we contacted Zima Digitial assets, we received a wacky response.

“You can trust us because the Najarians do”

They stated that they offer 25% monthly returns and investors are supposed to trust them because Jon and Pete of Market Rebellion are endorsing them.

The scamming!

As soon as Jon and Pete Najarian of Market Rebellion endorsed the scam, dozens of investors began reporting that it was impossible to cash out their money from the platform. This is exactly what a scam called Blue Trading (they appear to have resurfaced as West Capital Trading) did.

A US Attorney reports that at least $7.5 million was taken from 100 investors. This money was spent on casinos, flashy cars, rented mansions, advertising and so on.

Following this incident, the owners of Zima Digitial assets were arrested.

And how much did these two bozos receive to agree promoting such a massive scam as Zima Digitial assets? It’s not known but at least the plan they hatched is now obvious.


Market Rebellion is run by two characters who have no real track record of investing apart from appearing on CNBC.

There is no difference between these carnival barkers and others we have reviewed here before. CNBC does not appear to do any due diligence before parading these colorful characters on TV.

They appear to be only interested in drawing more eyeballs for the sake of advertising revenue.

If you are a consumer, you don’t have to believe every story you see on the Television. Just because you can see them on CNBC does not mean they are successful investors themselves.

The Najarians are simply scam artists.

Their Market Rebellion is an attempt to hustle the already financially-strained of their lifetime’s savings on the promise that money will be generated. Avoid!

And thanks for reading our Market Rebellion review. We would like to hear your feedback.


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