Life Changer Bot (EA) Review: Is this FX robot a Scam?

Welcome to the Life Changer Bot review. Life Changer Bot is a Forex expert advisor from The vendor claims that Life Changer EA is the best robot in the world. However, we feel that this is a bold claim which should only be backed by proven trading results, not empty words.

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Most of these Forex trading developers use the word “best” in their promotion because they want to make more sales and not because they mean what they say.

A good example is a Forex robot developer we reviewed earlier today called Best FX Tools. Their sales page is more or less the same as that of Life Changer Bot developer.

The developer of Life Changer Bot promises system flexibility, 24/5 scanning of the Forex market and high probability of winning trades using trend-following strategy.

Life Changer Bot forex ea review

We’re told that Life Changer EA makes use of an efficient risk management system consisting of trailing stops, take profit, hidden break-even option and an equity controller.

This Forex EA already sounds like a good choice. However, before you can purchase a license, we would like you to spare a few minutes to read our review.

Life Changer Bot (EA) review

The sales page of the Life Changer Forex robot uses a minimalist approach which is a good thing but disadvantageous if the most important areas are left out.

They claim that the company’s management team is made up of Mark Claire, Riba San and Seza Bent.

They want consumers to believe that this company has been around for the last 4 years since they claim to have entered the Forex EA development industry in 2015.

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However, according to, we can clearly see that the domain was registered in March 2020. So this is a very new website so to speak.

We feel that this vendor is probably trying to claim an experience that they do not have.

We also believe that the pictures of the people presented on the about us page are from a stock photo somewhere on the internet. This is because our efforts to investigate them outside their website did not yield any fruits.

Life Changer Bot also claims that risk management is carefully addressed and they are comfortable with risks. They even emphasize that if someone promise huge profits without any risks, we should know that they are scammers.

When we read this statement, we felt like laughing because the vendor is claiming that their Life Changer EA is generating between 15% to 30% monthly.

As you can see, Life Changer EA is promising huge profits and yet warning us not to be persuaded by people who make such promises.

We even don’t know what risk management the system is using because this information has not been disclosed on the Life Changer Bot website.

We have also observed that this website is not as professional as those belonging to serious developers who sell serious products.

Instances of broken English can be found on their website as well. For example, they say “Please stop your loss trading.”

We don’t know what they were trying to communicate here. Whoever did the writing should seriously consider hiring someone instead of trying their hand on English language.

Life Changer EA Review: The strategy

Life Changer Bot is one developer that does not talk about the strategy that this EA uses. They hint that it is a trend following robot with system flexibility that always takes into account risk-reward ratio.

After going through this section of the website, we felt that no real trading strategy was being offered.

The overall trading approach remains a secret. This is certainly not how to remain competitive in this tough to make it industry.

If they want to convince traders to buy licenses, they should consider adding this information asap or else we will see their website not seeing the light of the day.

Pricing and other details

The cost of a lifetime license is anywhere between $229 and $569. Their Life Change Forex robot trades pairs like USDCHF, EURGBP, EURUSD and GBPJPY respectively. Strategy and time frame have not been disclosed.

There are 3 packages in total. You can view details below:

[tabs][tab title=”Platinum”]

$569/ Lifetime

Multiple Users

Free Update

Lifetime support

[/tab] [tab title=”Gold”]

$349/ Lifetime

Two Users

Free Update

Lifetime support

[/tab] [tab title=”Silver”]

$229/ Lifetime

Single User

Free Update

Lifetime support


This is definitely an expensive trading product. To be certain whether Life Changer Bot is worth it or not, we shall consider trading results in addition to the things discussed in this review.

Trading performance of Life Changer Bot

This section of our Life Changer Bot review is just meant to mock the developer because honestly, there’s no trading results to expect either.

Instead, the people running this wack operation are relying on “Telegram results”. This is by no means up to the current standards of sharing trading performance.

We have said several times that vendors presenting the trading results in a similar fashion should change their way of thinking.

They will not just present results like this and believe traders will pay $200 for a license. That is not going to happen.

Their Telegram results are either cherry picked or manipulated to fit the rest of then marketing message. So what they can do now is to create a account from where they can begin showing results of their Life Changer Bot.


Life Changer Bot cannot be recommended at this time since they have a long way to go and they’re also doing a shoddy job to say the least.

Their 15% to 30% monthly results cannot be verified and trading insights were not provided either. With our review sounding critical, we hope the vendor will move with speed to rectify these pitfalls.

Otherwise we are looking forward to reviews from those who will, unfortunately, use this software before they can ever get a chance to read our review first.

Thanks for reading the Life Changer Bot review. Stay tuned!

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