Ladyfx Review: Is Lady FX Broker a Scam?

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LadyFX is a Forex, Metals, Indices, Commodities and Shares broker offering trading services on both MT4 and Maximus platforms.

Maximum Platform appears to be a proprietary trading software designed by LadyFX or its associates.

Lady FX offers swap-free account (no charges on overnight positions) and one live account as well. A demo is also provided with $50,000 of virtual funds for practicing.

In addition to this, the broker offers managed accounts and are claiming to be regulated by both FSC and ASIC respectively.

The broker also claims that their website is powered by MultiBank Group, an entity that is supposedly regulated by the FSC.

On the other hand, LadyFX is also claiming to be regulated by the ASIC through a company called Mex Exchange.

Therefore, it’s quite clear that Lady FX is a broker that has never been issued with a license from any of the above regulators.

They’re using the licenses of the above companies to conduct their trading operations because they probably purchased a white label from the mentioned entities

Mex Exchange is the trading name of Mex Australia Pty ltd.

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On the other hand, MultiBank is owned by Mex Group Worldwide. This company appears to be situated in California, USA.

Of course the other company, MEX Exchange is purporting to be operating in Australia because they claim to be regulated by ASIC.

Lady FX review

LadyFx broker is focusing on women traders only and claiming to be the “first Lady Forex broker”.

This is an interesting way to promote a brokerage service on the internet and for that reason, we want to take a quick look at their services to determine whether or not their service is viable.

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Lady FX Review

We’re not sure whether LadyFX broker is related to a managed account service provider called Lady F Trader.

Both of them offer managed accounts but LadyFX tends to focus more on brokerage services.

The broker’s managed accounts are divided into low risk, medium risk and high risk trading categories.

Details of their managed accounts can be viewed in the below table:

[tabs][tab title=”Lady 30 Conservative Fund“]Minimum deposit: 10,000USD or 10,000EUR

Max Risk -20%

– Expected Monthly Returns – 2-4%
– Annual Earnings – 35-45%
– Suggested Min Investment – 10 000 USD or EUR
– Max Leverage used – 1:20
– Leverage per order – From 1 to 2
– Strategy diversification – 30 Currency pairs

[/tab] [tab title=”Lady Brave Fund“]Minimum deposit: 10,000USD or 10,000 EUR

– Max Risk – 30%

– Expected Monthly Returns – 4-7%
– Annual Earnings – 50% -70%
– Max Leverage used – 1:30
– Leverage per order – From 1.5 to 3
– Strategy diversification – 48 Currency pairs

[/tab] [tab title=”Standard (Retail 1)“]Minimum deposit: 2,000USD or 2,000EUR

– Max Risk – 10%

– Expected Monthly Returns – 10.00%

– Annual Earnings – Over 80%

– Max Leverage used – 1:200

– Volume Generated per 100 000 invested – 80.8 RT lots

– Strategy diversification – EUR/USD and Gold


[tab title=”Standard (Retail 2)“]Minimum deposit: 2,000USD or 2,000EUR

– Max Risk – 20%

– Expected Monthly Returns – 5.00% – 5.50%

– Annual Earnings – Over 50%

– Max Leverage used – 1:15

– Volume Generated per 100 000 invested – 325 RT lots

– Strategy diversification – G10, Commodity Currencies and Gold


Account types provided by Lady FX broker

There are only two types of trading accounts and that is a live and demo account.

The other account type listed on their website is a no-swap trading account.

Features of these account types remain the same.

Minimum deposit is $250 and leverage is up to 1:500. In addition to this, LadyFX is offering welcome bonuses to new traders.

It has always been said that traders should read the fine print before accepting any kind of bonus from a broker.

Usually, this fine print has rules for accepting and trading with a broker’s bonus. As a trader, don’t assume that it is okay to accept welcome bonuses.

Read the terms and conditions first.

As for the leverage, we can say that Lady FX is offering fair amount of leverage. However, 1:500 is not suitable to all traders.

On the same note, this is just the maximum ratio and traders are able to set it as low as 1:100 if they want to.

Remember that leverage is a double-edged sword. It can work for you and against you.

Trading platform

There are 3 types of trading platforms offered by LadyFX broker.

These are MT4, ECN pro and Maximus.

MT4 is the most popular and award winning trading platform. It is available as a web interface and downloadable software.

Execution is quick and is ideal for all types of traders.

As for the ECN pro trading platform, LadyFX broker would like traders to know that they’re offering raw price feed and tightest spread in the industry.

Lady FX has also listed spreads for their ECN Pro and MT4 platforms respectively.

A pair like EURUSD attracts spreads of 0.8 pips on the ECN Pro and 1.4 pips on the Maximum platform.

According to industry standards, these spreads are fair and acceptable.

On the other hand, their Maximus trading platform is said to be ideal for traders who want to use EAs and have limited capital to start with.

Regulatory status

Unfortunately, regulatory information is obscure.

Lady FX is a broker that claims association with several other brokerages and companies in what appears to be a white label setup.

It is best to trade with brokers who are directly regulated by the aforementioned regulatory bodies.

We have also noticed that the companies running the brokers associated with LadyFx are sort of shell companies.


LadyFX broker is basically trying to curve its niche by attracting women traders only.

Nothing is wrong with that. The main concern here is their regulatory status. Another thing is that traders have not provided any feedback regarding this broker.

Probably this broker is very new in the market and as such, traders cannot trust them 100% unless the broker is able to prove that their service is beyond par.

Thanks for reading this LadyFX review. We would like to hear your opinion regarding the same.

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